Petaluma’s Jonny Gomes pitching one of the greatest innings in history

082815_atl_gomes_leg_kick_med_9ijf5r3qYou’re probably saying, Jonny Gomes pitching? What? Yeah he is a position player.  Obviously the Braves were in a tough spot, and they brought in Gomes to pitch an inning that will go down in history.

From the MLB.COM website:

082815_atl_gomes_does_cueto_med_bp5e5752With the way the 2015 season has gone, you may have assumed you’d seen about all the different position player pitching archetypes there are to see. But with the Braves down big to the Yankees on Friday, we all learned a valuable lesson: You have not lived until you’ve seen Jonny Gomes pitch.

082815_atl_gomes_strike_three_med_rq515uvhGomes is the Platonic ideal of the position player pitcher — the beard, the unbuttoned jersey, the sure-why-not ethos that results from surviving five different brushes with death. And when the moment of truth finally arrived, oh man, did Jonny Gomes not disappoint. Over the course of one glorious inning, he flinched, kicked, flailed, hat-tipped and occasionally pitched his way into our hearts, and to commemorate this historic moment, we’ve compiled this exhaustive timeline:

The Official Site of Major League Baseball

Click the following link to see the videos and timeline from the the original source: A comprehensive timeline of Jonny Gomes pitching one of the greatest innings in history |

Petaluma Elks Invites You To Chanel’s Cancer Fundraiser

Tomorrow evening from 1 to 5PM the Petaluma Elks (2105 S McDowell Blvd # A, Petaluma, CA 94954) are holding a fundraising event called Mom’s Sunday Supper for a young girl stricken with cancer.

chanel 3Chanel was admitted into Children’s Hospital in Oakland on May 16th, 2015 around 4am.  She was having seizures and her right side was not moving.  She had swelling of the brain on the left side and blood on the right.  She was scheduled for a Spinal Tap but due to the swelling of the brain they were unable to perform that procedure.  On May 22nd they took a Biopsy which the Doctor stated her tissue was abnormal.  Meanwhile awaiting her results, Chanel was still having seizures.  On May 27th, Chanel’s parents got the worse news ever…Chanel was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Tumor Stage 4.  With Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment she has a 20% chance of shrinking the Tumor and enjoying more of her precious beautiful life.  Her parents. Heather and Gerard, are seeking other treatments and getting more opinions.  They however have found a Doctor that has a clinic that specializes in Glioblastoma in Florida.  Please send all your love and prayers for Chanel and her health.  Any donation to this family will be greatly appreciated. If you can’t make the fundraiser, please click here to donate.

ChanelChanel is starting her third week of treatments and she is starting to lose her hair and has gained a lot of weight from the steroids. It is extremely sad and depressing for all who love her but through it all she has stayed strong and never once complained or cried about anything. Chanel is a true warrior in every sense. Please keep sharing and praying for her cure.

The Elks are calling the event “Mom’s Sunday Supper”  All proceeds will go towards helping the family with Chanel’s treatments which range in the $50,000 and up category.  The Elks donated the use of the hall, the bartenders are volunteering their time for the day and we’ve received donations from the following:

Costco, Petaluma Poultry, JM Rosens, Petaluma Pie Company, Palace of Fruit and still working on more donations.  A band will be playing called Soul Section who is donating their time.  There will also be ton of raffle prizes, including Giant Tickets, jewelry, restaurant gift certificates, Amy’s Kitchen basket of goodies, etc. and the grand prize is a 7-day cruise to the Bahama’s which will most likely be a live auction conducted by Paul Barbieri.  Charlotte Barbieri and Chanel’s Aunt Vicki will be doing all the cooking and Charlotte rallied up  the companies sponsors for the event many who donated food items.

For tickets – they should contact Charlotte Barbieri (707) 778-8588 or (707) 695-5560.

Petaluma’s Griffo Distillery Breaking Through The Spirits Biz

Griffo Family, Photo By Chad Dunbar

We interviewed Jennifer and Mike Griffo, owners of Griffo Distillery in Petaluma, and found them to be hard-working and well educated.  Jennifer has an M.A. at Stanford University in International Development. Mike Griffo has a PhD in Physics from University of California, Santa Cruz.  They have lived in the bay area now for 15 years. In 2008 they got the idea of creating Griffo Distillery while lying on a picnic blanket at the Peay Vineyard. They were reflecting that owning a winery would be a good life for them — one that would keep close to their family and community.  However they didn’t want the demanding agricultural challenges that comes with managing a vineyard.  That was their “Aha” moment when the idea of a spirits distillery – exactly what they want to do without the headache of growing grapes.

Griffo Distillery, Photo By Chad Dunbar

The distillery business for the Griffo’s has been a labor of love.  Their blood, sweat, and tears have poured into this small family-owned spirits company. Mike Griffo spent three years as a “Qaunt” or doing Quantitative Analysis for Barclays in New York to raise the money to start the distillery.  Five years of penny pinching and planning went into starting this operation. They decided on a (infamous) Scott Street location because it is anchored with other craft beer and spirit makers, like Petaluma Hills and Lagunitas, as well as close to their family. They struggled through the outdated Prohibition Era regulations (unlike our Craft Beer companies who have earned relaxed alcohol practices to create their brews.)  These laws allow them only a limited number of options on how they could distribute their products. The Griffos are the founding members of the Petaluma Craft Guild.


Click here to see a full gallery of photos of the Griffo Distillery.

What’s Going On In Petaluma This Week? Through Sept 4th

Walking-ToursHistoric Downtown Walking Tour – Sat. 10:30am: Costumed docents stroll you through historic downtown. Donations welcome. Free. Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 20 Fourth St. 778-4398.

Saturday Farmer’s Market in Walnut Park – Sat., 2-5pm: Over 60 booths selling farm-fresh produce and local products. Live entertainment & activities in Walnut Park. 415-999-5635.

Mike-eating-ice-cream-2-300x275 (1)Port & Ice Cream – Sat. & Sun., 12-5pm: Taste Three Twins Ice Cream with Port & Sherry. Sonoma Portworks, 613 2nd St. 769-5203.

Boating at the Barn – Sun., 10am-1pm: Free kayak and row boat rides at the River Heritage Center in Steamer Landing Park. 769-0910.

Hunt-and-Behrens-courtesy-Petaluma-Museum-300x235“Trestle Talk” Presentation – Sun., 2pm: By historian Katherine Rinehart at the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 20 4th St. 778-4398.

Salsa on the Terrace – Sun., 1-5pm: Bubbles, Latin American bites and fantastic salsa music by “Sabor de mi Cuba” at Keller Estate Winery, 5875 Lakeville Hwy. Call 765-2117.

Petaluma East Side Farmers marketEast-Side Farmers’ MarketNow among the top Farmer’s Markets in Sonoma County Tuesdays, 10am-1:30 pm: Year-round, rain or shine! New Location: Deer Creek Shopping Center (Friedman’s) 429 No. McDowell Blvd. 415-999-5635.

Wednesday Evening Farmers Market – Wed., 4:30-8 pm: Two blocks of vendors, music, food & fun in the Theatre Dist. on2nd, B & C.

West Side Stories ChangesWest Side Stories – Wed., 7:30pm: 5-minutes stories on the theme, “Change is Coming.” Sonoma Porkworks, 613 2nd St. .

“City of Angels” – Sept. 4-20: Cinnabar Theater presents the Tony Award-winning play. 3333 Petaluma Blvd. North. For ticket info: 763-8920 or


ex-machina-3 (1)“Ex Machina” Fall Cinema Series – Wed., 7pm: Pre-film lecture at 6pm. SJRC Petaluma Campus. For info & schedule .


Petaluman’s Invent Glo-Blades Featured CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”

globladesRalph & Stephen HaneyPetaluma inventors Ralph & Stephen Haney showcase their invention. Glo-Blades are a skating (ice or inline) accessory that creates the effect of skating on light. The company was founded by Ralph Haney over three years ago, after he had his “ah-ha” moment at Snoopy’s Home Ice while skating with his family. He shined his pen LED light down on the ice and noticed how it glowed brilliantly on the dim ice rink.

You may even be able to see these prototype blades live in action locally. According to their website, if you’re in northern California stop by Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa (Redwood Empire Ice Arena) and you may just catch a glimpse of Glo-Blades. They have (or will) be featured in Aerial Ice Extreme at Great America in San Jose, CA, and other popular US shows, including the spectacular Sun Valley Lodge in Idaho. Even easier watch the two videos below and check it out.

As seen on CNBC’s Make Me A Millionaire Inventor:

Here is their Kickstarter video:

GloBlades Kickstarter Film from ELEVATE VISUALS on Vimeo.

Want A Map For Taste Of Petaluma That Will Work On Your iPhone?

Mapping Your List

Use #PetalumaTOP2015 to share your experience today!

The Taste of Petaluma released a new website that has a responsive design and will work on any device.  We are so happy because we needed a map that we could use on our cell phones to get around and document all the fun.  Their new website is

Click here to access the Maps, Taste List and where and where you can find entertainment today.

If you register on their site, like we did, you can create your own personalized tour for your tasting and music excursion through Petaluma’s historic downtown. Mark the locations and events you want to see and get notified as events begin.  How cool is that! Now we won’t have to walk in circles like we have in the past.

Be sure to share your experience today on twitter, facebook, instagram and yelp using hash tag #PetalumaTOP2015.


Petaluma’s Highway Poets Featured in Jam In The Van

The Highway Poets were recently recorded live at Lennon Rehearsal Studios in San Francisco with Jam in the Van and published these videos today. Nice work Poets! Vocalist and guitarist Sebastian Nau and band members rocked the van.

THE HIGHWAY POETS – “Roll Away” (Live in San Francisco, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

THE HIGHWAY POETS – “Godless” (Live in San Francisco, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

THE HIGHWAY POETS – “Bad Love” (Live in San Francisco, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

Bid On Our Top Banner Ad to Benefit #Petaluma Education Foundation

Bidding starts today!

If you visit our website, you may have noticed that we donated our top banner ad to the Petaluma Education Foundation to promote their very important annual BASH fundraiser.  See our previous post THE BASH IS COMING TO TOWN! for more information.

Happy Surfing

In addition to that we are also donating the same top Banner Ad in their silent auction online!  So you (your blog) or your business could get great exposure for 30-days on our websites by simply bidding on this auction item AND supporting a great cause.  So what are you waiting for? Get your bids in today! If you don’t know how to create a banner ad, we will help you to create one.  We will also do a special post thanking the top bidder on our social media feeds.


#Petaluma’s Shelina Moreda Girlz MotoCamp Hosts Reality TV Star Caitlyn Jenner And Friends

Petaluma, CA – August 18, 2015 – Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner took her viewers on a road trip to Sonoma County as part of her new show, “I Am Cait.” In the episode that aired this past Sunday night on the E! Network, Jenner and several of her transgender friends visited motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda’s Girlz MotoCamp in Petaluma where they learned to ride dirt bikes.

Caitlyn Jenner and Shelina Moreda (2)The eight-part TV series, which debuted on July 26, focuses on Jenner’s gender transition and life since she came out as a trans woman this past April.

According to Moreda, Jenner, who is already a streetbike rider, quickly adapted to dirt bikes. “Given Caitlyn’s past as a gold medal Olympian in the decathlon, she’s obviously a well-rounded athlete,” Moreda said. She showed great skills on our bikes. Having Cait and her friends at our MotoCamp was a lot of fun. They are all awesome people, and I hope to have them back again. My instructors and I really enjoyed riding with them.”

Jenner felt that it was important for her and her friends to attend the Girlz MotoCamp so they could “do some things that weren’t ‘typically female’ because girls can do those things, too.”

Caitlyn Jenner and Shelina Moreda (1)About her time at Girlz MotoCamp, Jenner’s friend Blossom Brown said, “I loved Girlz MotoCamp. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to strengthen their riding skills. Shelina was so helpful and encouraging, and everyone who works with her at the camp is patient, understanding, and gives off so much positive energy. I got a major boost in self-confidence when I was at the MotoCamp, and it not only helped me overcome the fear I had about riding a dirt bike, it also made me realize that I have the inner strength to a lot more things in life than I ever gave myself credit for.”

Positively Petaluma did a complete interview and previous posts on Shelina Moreda – for more information about her click on the below posts.

Herding cows on motorcycles to pro racing internationally: An interview with Shelina Moreda

Congratulations To Petaluma’s Shelina Moreda Winning For United States

UPDATE: Petaluma’s Shelina Moreda interviewed by KTVU Channel 2


Petaluma Eats! at the 10th Annual Taste of #Petaluma

Check out the mouth watering sneak preview video of some new comers joining Taste of Petaluma at the end of this article.

Taste Of Petaluma (101)
Refreshing Salad with Ingredients from local farms, Photo By Laura Gouillon

Mention the words “budget your calories” in Petaluma on Saturday August 22nd and you might find yourself wishing you ate your words because the 10th annual Taste of Petaluma (TOP) will be in full swing!

Featuring 90 participating restaurants and local vendors in 47 locations, the festival aims to celebrate the authentic nature of Petaluma Eats while also fundraising money to support the local and professional non-profit Cinnabar Theater.

Taste Of Petaluma LogoLaura Sunday (aka Queen Cuisine), event organizer of the Taste of Petaluma, says TOP is a “culinary journey of our historic downtown Petaluma showing off restaurants, galleries, and shops. The town never looks better on that day.”

At a Mini Taste of Petaluma, I had the chance to preview some of the good eats that will be featured at the event, including samples from new Petaluma restaurants Sonoma Spice Queen and Sauced BBQ & Spirits, in addition to Bistro 100. Here are sneak previews and backgrounds on these three amazing venues participating in this weekend’s celebration.