Petaluma Elks Invites You To Chanel’s Cancer Fundraiser

Tomorrow evening from 1 to 5PM the Petaluma Elks (2105 S McDowell Blvd # A, Petaluma, CA 94954) are holding a fundraising event called Mom’s Sunday Supper for a young girl stricken with cancer.

chanel 3Chanel was admitted into Children’s Hospital in Oakland on May 16th, 2015 around 4am.  She was having seizures and her right side was not moving.  She had swelling of the brain on the left side and blood on the right.  She was scheduled for a Spinal Tap but due to the swelling of the brain they were unable to perform that procedure.  On May 22nd they took a Biopsy which the Doctor stated her tissue was abnormal.  Meanwhile awaiting her results, Chanel was still having seizures.  On May 27th, Chanel’s parents got the worse news ever…Chanel was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Tumor Stage 4.  With Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment she has a 20% chance of shrinking the Tumor and enjoying more of her precious beautiful life.  Her parents. Heather and Gerard, are seeking other treatments and getting more opinions.  They however have found a Doctor that has a clinic that specializes in Glioblastoma in Florida.  Please send all your love and prayers for Chanel and her health.  Any donation to this family will be greatly appreciated. If you can’t make the fundraiser, please click here to donate.

ChanelChanel is starting her third week of treatments and she is starting to lose her hair and has gained a lot of weight from the steroids. It is extremely sad and depressing for all who love her but through it all she has stayed strong and never once complained or cried about anything. Chanel is a true warrior in every sense. Please keep sharing and praying for her cure.

The Elks are calling the event “Mom’s Sunday Supper”  All proceeds will go towards helping the family with Chanel’s treatments which range in the $50,000 and up category.  The Elks donated the use of the hall, the bartenders are volunteering their time for the day and we’ve received donations from the following:

Costco, Petaluma Poultry, JM Rosens, Petaluma Pie Company, Palace of Fruit and still working on more donations.  A band will be playing called Soul Section who is donating their time.  There will also be ton of raffle prizes, including Giant Tickets, jewelry, restaurant gift certificates, Amy’s Kitchen basket of goodies, etc. and the grand prize is a 7-day cruise to the Bahama’s which will most likely be a live auction conducted by Paul Barbieri.  Charlotte Barbieri and Chanel’s Aunt Vicki will be doing all the cooking and Charlotte rallied up  the companies sponsors for the event many who donated food items.

For tickets – they should contact Charlotte Barbieri (707) 778-8588 or (707) 695-5560.

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