PHOTOS: Petaluma, California Chickens

Our site would not be complete if we didn’t have Petaluma chicken photos.  I have been photo’ing our chickens over the years.  It was brought to my attention that I had chicken photos, when I learned the featured photo above has over 5000 views on flickr.  Most of these were taken at Tolay Lake Regional Park.  So I thought I would take the time to create a gallery and slideshow featuring our feathered friends.

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that the Positively Petaluma flickr group has grown to over 130 members with now over 1000 Petaluma photos added to the group! Do you have some Petaluma chicken photos to share? Please do so on the Positively Petaluma flickr group.


Gallery of Some Random Photos of Downtown #Petaluma

The following series of photos are ones I took while waiting for my car to get a smog checked at Petaluma’s Smog Test Only (which I highly recommend – they did a great job).

We thought the following photos were worth sharing AND ‘Positively Petaluma’. Some of the photos were taken with a Fish Eye and Tilt Shift lenses to create interesting affects.

Video/Photos of Petaluma’s 2015 Butter & Egg Days Parade

2015 Butter & Egg Days ParadeDid  you miss the parade?  Well no worries, here is the complete parade captured on photo and video by us and Petaluma Community Access. Also we put together a photo gallery of this years parade to document one of our favorites annual events that is enjoyed by thousands.

The following are video clips of the entries (more bite size videos) that are easy to share instead of having to search through one long video.  We captured these on the corner of Kentucky and Washington Street.  Do you see anyone you know?  We will be adding more videos to this playlist over time.


PHOTO Gallery: Sneak Peek Of Hotel Petaluma Renovation

UPDATE May 30, 2015: Historic Hotel Petaluma under renovation, By William Rohrs, Petaluma Argus Courier

From our office on the second story window directly across from the The Hotel Petaluma, we often see people peering into the windows with curiosity of what is going on inside the hotel.  So we decided to give you a first hand look at what’s going on.

Petaluma Hotel Renovation-3Many know by now that the Hotel Petaluma was sold to new owners.  If you missed the article we shared from the Argus Courier you can click on the article Hotel Petaluma sold again City’s iconic downtown building to be revamped.  Talk of renovations to this historic landmark immediately makes you want to cringe.  If you have not been to the hotel before, there is a plaque in the entry way.  It is a dedication to the 855 men and women whose cooperative efforts led to the completion of the hotel. It says

It stands as evidence and proof of the faith which the people of Petaluma have in each other and in their city…..

Original Petaluma Hotel Courtyard Entrance
Original Hotel Petaluma Courtyard Entrance

The good news is the new owners are trying to return our iconic hotel back to it’s original design (as close as possible) with some upgrades to the rooms. Some of the rooms that were built dormitory style with no bathrooms in the room. On that floor you would share a bathroom on the floor.  They will eventually add bathrooms to each room.  For now and in the near future you will be seeing special packages for these dorm style rooms anchored with some of our upcoming events.  For example for those who plan to tie the knot at the Rivertown Revival may see special room rates for these dorm style rooms to accommodate wedding parties and their families.

Colleen Marlow, Sales & Catering Manager; Juli Lederhaus, GM
Colleen Marlow, Sales & Catering Manager; Juli Lederhaus, GM

The new owners hired a new GM.  Not just a hotel GM, but someone who has experience in managing historic hotels in Massachusetts. We met Juli Lederhaus and found that in less than a week she already acquired an intimate knowledge of the hotel and its history.


VIDEO/PHOTOS: Winner’s of the Great Petaluma Chili Cook-Off

It was an honor to be a chili judge at this year’s event. We produced this short video highlighting the day to share with you, and photos and videos of this year’s winners.

And now for photos and videos of this year’s winners

Most Spirited Team
Sax’s JointSax Joint Wins Most Spirited Team For 2015 Great Petaluma Chili Cook-Off


Historical Photo Found In Renovation of Petaluma Hotel

This photo was found by the new owners in the renovation of the Petaluma Hotel and shared by them yesterday.  This photo of an indian (or man dressed in indian garb) and a woman holding a basket of eggs was taking in the atrium of the hotel. We thought you would enjoy it.

Positively Petaluma CategoriesWith the addition of Bill Hammerman to our contributor staff we added a column call “Our Favorite River Town” you will be seeing more posts about Petaluma history.  We wanted to share a little known secret – On our Categories Drop Down tab locate on our sidebar you can see the many categories to choose from.  One tab is History and things like this photo will show up in that category.  Try it yourself.   We have over 200 posts on Positively Petaluma and they are all categorized to help you find information you want to read about on posts future and past.


Check out our History category if you are interested in our posts sharing Petaluma History.

Photos of the Temple of Grace Built By Petaluma Artist David Best And Many Petaluman Volunteers

We previously interviewed Petaluman David Best who is the architect, artist and builder of the Temple of Grace for the 2014 Burning Man on July 12, 2014 called #Petaluma’s David Best Builds 2014 Burning Man Temple In Petaluma. In that article we later added a video that we included below that shows the construction in Petaluma.

It was not until recently that we found some qualify photos in our Social Media searches by a photographer named Jeff Perkins. We would like to thank him for agreeing to let us use his photos so we could share them with you. So we would like to thank him for sharing his work.

Because they built the structure in pieces in Petaluma, and then shipped and assembled them at the venue, not many were able to see the finished product unless you attended the event.  So here is a small picture gallery for you.

The Temple of Grace 2014 Was Build By David Best In Petaluma California Photo By Jeff Perkins (1)
The Temple of Grace 2014 Was Build By David Best In Petaluma California, Photo By Jeff Perkins
The Temple of Grace 2014 Was Build By David Best In Petaluma California Photo By Jeff Perkins (2)
The Temple of Grace 2014 Was Build By David Best In Petaluma California, Photo By Jeff Perkins
The Temple of Grace 2014 Was Build By David Best In Petaluma California Photo By Jeff Perkins (3)
The Temple of Grace 2014 Was Build By David Best In Petaluma California, Photo By Jeff Perkins


In case you missed it, here is a video we posted before showing the construction project in Petaluma.

#Petaluma Animal Services Shares Photo of Bottle Babies

As provided for on their Facebook Page.  Safe in foster care, our first bottle babies are here. Did you know these kits are 1 day old, and will require bottle feeding every 2 hours/24hrs a day, plus steady warmth, to survive? We celebrate their tiny lives, by helping them thrive. We are the Army of Kindness, and at PASF, shelter means shelter. Thanks for being a part of all the fun and goodness. Welcome to the world, tiny babies!

via (1) Petaluma Animal Services.

Also check out VIDEO: Bixby & Mike Visit Petaluma Animal Shelter With A Yuba Reception

If you think this picture is too cute, please share it with others!

Thousands Show Up For #Petaluma’s Lighted Boat Parade

Small Paddle Boat Glides By Lighted Boats
Small Paddle Boat Glides By Lighted Boats

The Petaluma turning basin was surrounded by boat-parade fans even hours before the event started on Saturday, December 13, 2015. In anticipation of the lighted boat procession, eager children chanted “Santa, Santa…” with some awesome background music from the Kenilworth Junior High Jazz Band just outside the bustling Petaluma Taps. Yachts, sailboats, paddle boats and kayaks made their way into the turning basin a little after 6:30 PM giving a beautiful reflection off the Petaluma River.

Promenade of Lighted Sail Boats
Promenade of Lighted Sail Boats