Petaluman’s Invent Glo-Blades Featured CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor”

globladesRalph & Stephen HaneyPetaluma inventors Ralph & Stephen Haney showcase their invention. Glo-Blades are a skating (ice or inline) accessory that creates the effect of skating on light.┬áThe company was founded by Ralph Haney over three years ago, after he had his “ah-ha” moment at Snoopy’s Home Ice while skating with his family. He shined his pen LED light down on the ice and noticed how it glowed brilliantly on the dim ice rink.

You may even be able to see these prototype blades live in action locally. According to their website, if you’re in northern California stop by Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa (Redwood Empire Ice Arena) and you may just catch a glimpse of Glo-Blades. They have (or will) be featured in Aerial Ice Extreme at Great America in San Jose, CA, and other popular US shows, including the spectacular Sun Valley Lodge in Idaho. Even easier watch the two videos below and check it out.

As seen on CNBC’s Make Me A Millionaire Inventor:

Here is their Kickstarter video:

GloBlades Kickstarter Film from ELEVATE VISUALS on Vimeo.