Michael Finney of ‘7 On Your Side’ Features Petaluma’s Chick a Boom Vintage Valentine Day Shoppers

Michael Finney 7 On Your Side ABCIn a ABC feature, Michael Finney addresses spending on Valentines Day.  He follows a Sonoma County couple who decide how they will spend their time and money for Valentines Day.  In this video the couple decides they will shop at Petaluma Ca’s Chick A Boom Vintage shop.

And “Yes” please do spend your Valentines at our great restaurants and enjoy our shops in great historic downtown.


VIDEO: Luckily Petaluma Ca family safe after hover board explosion & fire

According to the ABC Channel 7 report a Petaluma Ca family said a hoverboard charging inside their home exploded, burst into flames, and sent embers across the room. But luckily nobody was hurt.  Here is the video of the recently aired segment.  This feature also includes Petaluma Fire Department

Professional Learning Petaluma City Schools release ‘Introduction to’ and ‘Junior High Programs’ Videos

Per their YouTube Channel description:

This video is an Intro to PCS. Come check out the amazing learning taking place here!

The second video is a focus on their the Junior High School programs in Petaluma. Here is the description of the following video.

Check out the amazing learning taking place at the junior high age programs in Petaluma City Schools

VIDEO: Petaluman Gets Help From 7 On Your Side’s Michael Finney

Mark Kimberly from Petaluma Airlifted
Mark Kimberly airlifted by helicopter

Recently Mark Kimberly suffered injuries related to a motorcycle accident which caused him to have to cancel his trip to Mexico. A trip that was thought to be covered under his travel insurance.  After working with his insurance carrier he found that they denied his claim.

After multiple tries to receive reimbursements for his canceled trip they decided to ask Michael Finney for help.  After 7 On Your Side contacted Expedia he received $2200 in benefits within days.  Here is the video clip.

The Ukulele Site Releases Video About Kala Brand Music Co

Mike Upton Founder and Owner of Kala Brand Music Company
Mike Upton Founder and Owner of Kala Brand Music Company

The Ukulele Site recently released a video on their YouTube channel, for their over 62,000 subscribers, on a inside tour of the Petaluma based music company Kala Brand.  In their description they say “Kala has been gearing up for years to build great ukes in California and that’s exactly what they are now doing. Here’s an inside look at the operation there in Petaluma. Hope you enjoy!”

We learned a lot about this growing music company on this virtual tour and thought you might like it.

Did you miss the video on Kala Brand complete by Sonoma County Field of California in cooperation with the City of Petaluma?

CLICK HERE OR PAGE 2 BELOW TO SEE KALA Brand Music Company: Hand Made Ukuleles in Petaluma, CA

VIDEO: 2nd Annual Sonoma County Home Brewers Competition Kickoff Party at Taps

Sonoma County’s Second Annual Home Brewers Competition Launch Party at Taps in Petaluma California. The competition will be held on May 28th at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds.

Congratulations to 2015 Home Brewers, Joe Monostori and Jeremiah Konen for their winning brew “Mojo Chocolate Milk Stout”. Brewed and kegged, this beer will be available at local watering holes, including Taps Petaluma (54 E. Washington St.).

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5 Tips For Homebrewers Entering The Sonoma County Home Brewer’s Competition

VIDEO: Sonoma County Home Brewers Competition

The Thrive Band Release Music Video Filmed on Petaluma Ca Riverfront

I thought this music video would be a good one to share.  The footage was captured in our Petaluma river basin and mill waterfront.  I also liked the messaging these artists are sharing in their song “One” with chorus:

“One people one love one life one time
Time to make up your mind
We are one
One religion one vision one decision one mission here under the sun
We are one”

On The Thrive Band YouTube page gives the following: We are one! Thank you to everyone that made this video possible. It was such a blast having so many of our family and friends join us on this cold winter afternoon in beautiful Petaluma. This town will always hold a special place in our hearts, as it was Scott Schipper’s home town. We know he was there in spirit with us all!

Former Petaluman Scott Schipper and Sax player for the Thrive passed in 2013 after losing a two year battle to cancer.

You can download their music and this song on Amazon:

Our Top 10 Videos In 2015 (Petaluma, Ca)

Happy New Year!  We thought it would be fun to reflect on videos you made the most popular for 2015 from our YouTube Page.  Don’t miss our 2016 videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also see Our Top 10 Posts in 2015 (Petaluma, Ca).

Three of our top videos were produced by our very talented visual journalist, Ashley Collingwood.  Also a new exciting contributor, Laura Gouillon, produced one of our top 10 videos.

Here are our top 10 videos counting down to our top video for most views in 2015.

Number 10

LifeStyle Pilates, Directed By Wayne Dunbar, Produced By Ashley Collingwood

Also see the associated story:

From Garage to New Studio: Petaluma’s Gretchen Andermahr-Iniguez Grows Her Pilates Business


Amazing Hail Mary Play in Last Few Seconds of SCL Championship Game in Petaluma

Congratulations to the Trojans for fighting for the SCL title after a very strong performance this season.  While I wished they had won the SCL title the last play with only seconds on the clock in a tied game was incredible. The Analy Tigers threw a hail mary to the end zone that was caught on video by Youth Sports Network.  Here is the play that ended the game last night.  Again congrats to the Petaluma Trojans for a strong finish of the season.  Sooooo close!

#Petaluma’s Molly Best of Thistle Meats Star Of La Crema Wine Video

The La Crema Tasting Room YouTube channel provides the following as a description of this video:

Molly is a butcher, an artist and a lover of nature. She devotes her life to healthy food options and bringing her community together. A woman full of intrigue with a quirky sense of humor, passion and desire to go against the grain. She makes her life a statement by being true to herself.

About the series: La Crema presents three stories of exciting, confident women who are paving their way in intriguing corners of industry. They are business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and unique personalities within their community. Our statement maker series tells the story of women who are taking risks, following their own paths, and making a name for themselves in the world.

This video was very well done.  We learned more about Molly and Thistle Meats.  Enjoy.