Petaluma’s Jonny Gomes pitching one of the greatest innings in history

082815_atl_gomes_leg_kick_med_9ijf5r3qYou’re probably saying, Jonny Gomes pitching? What? Yeah he is a position player.  Obviously the Braves were in a tough spot, and they brought in Gomes to pitch an inning that will go down in history.

From the MLB.COM website:

082815_atl_gomes_does_cueto_med_bp5e5752With the way the 2015 season has gone, you may have assumed you’d seen about all the different position player pitching archetypes there are to see. But with the Braves down big to the Yankees on Friday, we all learned a valuable lesson: You have not lived until you’ve seen Jonny Gomes pitch.

082815_atl_gomes_strike_three_med_rq515uvhGomes is the Platonic ideal of the position player pitcher — the beard, the unbuttoned jersey, the sure-why-not ethos that results from surviving five different brushes with death. And when the moment of truth finally arrived, oh man, did Jonny Gomes not disappoint. Over the course of one glorious inning, he flinched, kicked, flailed, hat-tipped and occasionally pitched his way into our hearts, and to commemorate this historic moment, we’ve compiled this exhaustive timeline:

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