UPDATE KTVU VIDEO: Petaluma’s New Native Kitchen Kambucha Bar

Update 10-06-2014:  We tried it and we liked it and posted what we found on Yelp giving it 5 stars.  Click here to link to our review.

Ken Wayne interviews Jasmine Dravis chef and owner of our new downtown Native Kitchen Kambucha bar & restaurant introduces a ‘guilt-free cocktail’ that may have some positive health qualities.

Adam Babendir LoveMyLife Interviews ‘The Random Artist’ George Utrilla

George Utrilla - The Random Artist at Zodiacs for 2014 Taste of Petaluma
George Utrilla – The Random Artist at Zodiacs for 2014 Taste of Petaluma

Positively Petaluma is always looking for positive things going on in our town. Today we ran into an interview by Adam Babendir who has a presence on Facebook LoveMyLife.info . It’s his mission to inspire and motivate as many people, on a daily basis, to take action on ALL the things that make them LOVE life! Well I can’t think of anything more positive than that. But what does that have to do with Petaluma? Adam interviewed someone that has been on our radar for some time. George Utrilla The Random Artist. I met George at Zodiacs during the Taste of Petaluma. George was wearing a shirt sporting the 707. I told him he should reproduce and sell them.

Originally from Lima, Peru, George came to the U.S. at the age of 12 and graduated from Terra Linda High School.  He eventually moved to Petaluma which he now calls home for his family. He has been passionate about art work for most of his life. It’s his desire to have his own Gallery in Petaluma which he calls his “home base”.

Stage view of crowd at California Roots Festival
Stage view of crowd at California Roots Festival

UPDATE OMG VIDEO: #Petaluma’s James Kelly – Burning Down The House – Wow!

Update: 10/02/2014 Ed Mazza, Huffington Post, James Kelly, Skateboarder, Wipes Out At Highway Speeds and Survives.  Ed’s post shares our Petaluma Patch post under Around The Web section of this article.2014-10-05_8-34-54Ed captured one of James’ Facebook posted on the day he wiped out at high speeds on the freeway.




In this video released today Petaluma’s Longboarder James Kelly cruises downhill at high speeds passing oncoming cars, and yes, filmed wiping out.  Ouch!  This incredible scateboarder learned his craft on neighborhood hills in Petaluma.  This is a commercial for Arbor Skateboards new James Kelly Pro Model Longboard.

His sponsor Arbor provides this about James:  Born in Petaluma, CA – James grew up riding with some of downhill’s most influential skaters. For years, he’s been showing that there’s no road that can’t be conquered. He has perfected his abilities to skate anything at speed, while building the discipline required to keep calm when the consequences are high. James is no stranger to the racecourse and podium, yet he’s most at home on the hills surrounding his family cabin in the Western Sierras, where this video was filmed.

VIDEO: P-Town Pond Hoppers Heading To England for Irish Dance Championships

     Catlin Clarke, Elizabeth Carey, Jacquelin Clarke and Madeline Gamblen

Mayor Glass recently interviewed the P-Town Pond Hoppers as they are representing #Petaluma in an Irish Dance Championships in West Sussex, England this fall.

October 18, 2014 the Keenan Irish Dance School Dancers will be traveling to England to compete in the Great Britain Championships.  Here a recent video from the Press Democrat on March 16, 2015.

What The Heck Is An 0+ Festival? Get In The Know Because It’s Comin’ To #Petaluma

O+ Festival is a three day festival where participating artists and musicians receive free medical and wellness care in a pop-up clinic in exchange for their work and performances. Wristband buyers are supporting the delivery of these services and are strengthening the fabric of their community.

O+ Festival Petaluma is where our community comes together as a cooperative on November 7-9, 2014 at the historic downtown Odd Fellows Hall building 111 Petaluma Boulevard North.

It’s success is completely dependent on volunteers, sponsors,

and art-music loving health care professionals

Historic IOOF Lode #30 Building


Lagunitas Brewing Company will be hosting a fundraiser to support our 0+ Festival.  Here are the details:



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VIDEO: “The Hole In The Head” by #Petaluma’s Elder Environmentalist Bill Kortum

     Sonoma County Library Photograph Collection, Bill Kortum, Petaluma, CA 1955

UPDATE: History lesson accompanies Coastal Cleanup Day September 20, 2014, BY GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT – Bill is also featured in this recent article.

Petaluma Community Access released this May 2011 video on YouTube yesterday that chronicles Bill Kortum’s successfull campaign to stop the PG&E nuclear power plant at Bodega Bay. Bill is a retired veterinarian, former Sonoma County Supervisor and leader of the County’s environmental movement for more than 40 years.  He currently serves as a Board of Director for Sonoma County Conservation Action.  In this video he tells how different parties including local scientists and Petaluma Argus Courier played a role in the campaign.

In my other searches I found this other short video on the Forces Of Nature website, Environmental Elders Speak.

May 8, 2015 UPDATE: We lost Bill this year to a long battle to cancer.  The Petaluma Community Access did a video of his service, a celebration and tribute to his life’s work.

Click on Page 2 below to view the Bill Kortum Memorial that took place on January 24, 2015.