Petaluma’s Griffo Distillery Breaking Through The Spirits Biz

We had the special pleasure of a rare barrel tasting.  Griffo took fermented beer from 101 North brewery and made it into whiskey. This was a very interesting varietal – a craft beer into a whiskey.  It had a characteristics of smoky bourbon and the taste had very slight hints of hops with a chocolaty after taste.  It was very unique. It is something that is in works.  Mike says because I can distill spirits as many times as needed, I can take even bad discarded beer and run it through the process until we like the results.  When we like the results we can repeat it and improve upon it.  We are in a great place if Lagunitas, Petaluma Hills, Hen House or 101 wants to discard bad batches of beer they can just bring it over to me and I can make it into something good.

Photo By Chad Dunbar

We have the very special privilege of tasting the Griffo gin before it is even available to the public.  This author just happens to be a gin snob and prefers only top shelf brands.  This gin had an incredible nose – a London style gin with aroma of botanical.  Their juniper is delicious and grown in the wild.  When you take a sip it fills your mouth with intense flavor that radiates to your nose.  It was one of the most amazing gins I have ever tasted.  The Griffo gin will be a special bottle to have on any bar.  The only question I have as perhaps the end user of this product, would you drink it straight or mix it with something.  It was fantastic straight. They signature gin is called Scott Street Gin after their iconic location that is becoming a mecca of craft beer and spirits.


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