Petaluma’s Griffo Distillery Breaking Through The Spirits Biz

“Goose” The Griffo’s Dog, Photo By Chad Dunbar

When seeing their dog “Goose” you think of the Lagunitas brand just down the street. I asked Mike if he saw Goose as a mascot or on a Griffo label in the future, and he said “I think someone else has that one locked up.”

Wayne Dunbar Interviews Griffo’s, Photo By Chad Dunbar

We asked if they will have a tasting room in the future, and they said yes – maybe in a year or so, but their first priority is to get their bottles into the hands of a very limited number of distributors who can make their product available in stores and in bars. The good news is that they recently paired up with a distributor Southern Artisanal Group in Northern Cal.  This means that the Griffo’s hard work will start paying off for them – they can finally start selling their spirits.  When we get any information on where to buy Griffo Gin and Whiskey we will share with you.

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