Petaluma, California: Local Farms Featured in KRCB’s North Bay Bountiful

Tara Firma Farm Photos-3 ResizedKRCB, North Bay Public Media, is running a segment called North Bay Bountiful. From their website:

                  “Cultivate. Celebrate. Connect. The San Francisco North Bay area enjoys an incredible bounty of resources—both natural and creative—that enrich all our lives. Our land and seascapes offer breathtaking vistas while also serving as the source of an amazing variety of food and products. There is a pervasive sense of appreciation and connectedness around this bounty, and ample evidence that residents care deeply about optimizing and preserving it. Our arts and culture reflect a joyous recognition of all that lives and grows and sustains us here—body and soul. We share a common mindfulness of just how precious and precarious our resources are.”

As part of this special focus, we were pleased to find several Petaluma, California farms featured in this great series.  We are happy to share them on our site.

Tara Firma Farms

For more information about Tara Firma Farms see our previous post: #Petaluma’s Tara Firma Farms Connects With The Community

From KRCB YouTube Description: “‘Grow the mind to grow the soil, to grow food that strengthens the community.’ That is the mantra of Tara Smith of Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma, California. Thanks to Farm Shorts. More info at : http:///


Sketch Artist Captures Petaluma California Veteran’s Day Parade


Gus McDuffie flickr Profile Photo

This morning in our searches for good news and information about Petaluma, California, we ran across the following sketches that we had to share.

This gallery of photos are from Gus McDuffie’s Flickr page where you can see more of his sketch work.  Click the navigation arrows on each sketch to view all of them.

Petaluma Honors Veterans and Troops at Annual Veterans Day Parade

Check our video and photo gallery of this year’s event

On Wednesday, November 11 Petaluma held its annual Veterans Day Parade, one of the largest in northern California. People lined the parade path, waiting to cheer on the veterans and voice their support for U.S. troops.

Marching in the parade were a wide variety military units and veterans including those who served in World War II, as well as color guards, local school bands, family members of veterans, and scout troops. Parade vehicles ranged from traditional floats to fire engines, military vehicles, and antique cars. Overhead were flyovers by military aircraft and helicopters.

On the sidelines, families and other veterans saluted the troops, waved flags, and generally cheered on our veterans. American flags were waving everywhere on the parade route.  Several groups had stands stocked with Christmas cards and pens so that people could write to active troops to wish them well for the holidays.

After the parade, a memorial ceremony was held at Walnut Park, during which the National Anthem and “God Bless America” were sung and prayers were said for the troops. This year’s memorial ceremony unveiled Petaluma’s Korean War monument, dedicated to three Petaluma soldiers who died in the Korean War. The unveiling and dedication was a special moment for everyone there, and especially for the loved ones of those soldiers.


VIDEO: Do You Know What The California Water Conservation Laws Mean To You?

The California drought continues.  In the video below the City of Petaluma Public Works and Utilities Department director Dan St. John and Petaluma Mayor David Glass discuss water conservation.  As many know as a result of the California drought Governor Brown implemented mandatory water cuts and conservation.  What do those laws mean to Petalumans?  This video does a good job of breaking down the new ordinances into something you can understand (what you can and can’t do).  They also talk about what City of Petaluma has done and is now ldoing to meet with  usage restrictions.

This video is about 30 minutes long, but well worth watching to the end.

Please share this with other Petalumans.

VIDEO: The Bohemian Interviews “J.J.” at Petaluma Hills Brewing

Petaluma Hill Brewing Company Is A Family Run BusinessStett Holbrook editor (owner/founder) of The Bohemian in Petaluma, California interviews JJ owner and brewmaster of Petaluma Hills Brewing Company on a segment they call “The Bohemian Life” that is a new video series that had its first debut this month. This is a Petaluma business run by a Petaluman family, and the video does a great job capturing and telling their story.

Also see the excellent write up in the Bohemian, Malt in the Family Petaluma Hills carves out niche in Petaluma beer barrio 

Also check out our previous posts where JJ gives advise to Home Brewers in 5 Tips For Homebrewers Entering The Sonoma County Home Brewer’s Competition.

Also you may be interested in a recent interview with Ken Weaver author of Northern California Craft Beer Guide and editor of ‘All About Beer’ Magazine called “I Drink Beer For A Living”: An Interview with Petaluma’s Ken Weaver

The #Petaluma McDonalds TV Spot Commercial is Released!

Petaluma McDonalds CommercialOur great Petaluma Downtown Association does a good job of attracting and supporting business in our town.  You may recall the Argus Courier article McDonald’s Brings Hollywood to North McDowell.   This article tells about a commercial McDonalds was filming here that included some Petaluma references.  In that article Marie McCusker said “Petaluma is the hometown they want to portray. The commercial will show our location and a Petaluma sign, so you will know it was filmed here.” Well it has arrived.  Check it out.

We really like how they describe Petaluma as a quaint town nestled in Northern California. Makes me want an Egg White Delight McMuffin.

On March 9 The Petaluma Downtown Association weighs in on the replies to comments on their facebook page:

Petaluma Downtown Association Facebook Reply



Is Any Publicity Good Publicity for #Petaluma? McDonalds Commercial Revisited

“My Petaluma” video copies Petaluma McDonalds’ Commercial


VIDEO: LumaCON’s First Comic Convention a Success

LumaCon 2014-4 Resize
Photo By Ashley Collingwood

Petaluma held the first LumaCON on Saturday, January 17th at Herzog Hall on the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds. Turnout was high and some sources reported over 1500 attended.

The event showcased local artists ranging from professionals, including “Pearls Before Swine” author Stephan Pastis, to blooming artists from the local schools. LumaCON was brought about with collaboration between Petaluma High School, Casa Grande High School, and the Sonoma County Library along with help from numerous sponsors and volunteer artists.


LumaCon 2014-5 Resize
Photo By Ashley Collingwood

Connie Williams, LumaCON Co-Organizer and Teacher Librarian at Petaluma High School recalls, “I saw an article about a Comic-Con and I thought, ‘Why don’t we do that?’ and I broached the subject … and everybody we asked said ‘Yes!’ So once we knew we had a base of folks to do it, then it all developed from there … You know, one little idea sparked it but everybody jumped in and it was totally the group [who made it happen].”


#Petaluma’s First Firefighter James Mott Not Forgotten

You may have seen some of the posts on James Mott and his memorial on October 23.  This led me to do a little more research on him.downloadThe first firefighter in Petaluma was 1873 but at that time there were no city employees and only volunteers.  James Mott was the first paid Petaluma firefighter for our city starting 1807 and became a part of the YOUNG AMERICA ENGINE COMPANY NO. 3, PETALUMA FIRE DEPARTMENT. He was also the city jailer and ambulance driver well-known for his special bond with his horse Black Bart. He is also the first Petaluma firefighter making the ultimate sacrifice while fighting a fire in the downtown who lost his life in the line of duty in a vehicle explosion on October 20,1912.   His life would end a few days later at the age of 57.


You can click on the photo of the newspaper to read the article of the story in the San Francisco Call.  I had not seen it mentioned anywhere else, but the Mayor of Petaluma, William H. Zartman, at that time also served as a volunteer firefighter and he was badly burned in this fire.  Additionally a former Petaluma Fire Chief Henry J. Myers working as a volunteer had both ears burned off. The article indicates Mott inhaled flames from the fire.  The force of the blast was taken directly by James Mott burning him severely. Despite being burned firefighter Mott assisted the injured bystanders to safety and helped extinguish the intense fire. This newspaper reported that over 25 people were seriously burned as a result of this explosion and fire.

Adam Babendir LoveMyLife Interviews ‘The Random Artist’ George Utrilla

George Utrilla - The Random Artist at Zodiacs for 2014 Taste of Petaluma
George Utrilla – The Random Artist at Zodiacs for 2014 Taste of Petaluma

Positively Petaluma is always looking for positive things going on in our town. Today we ran into an interview by Adam Babendir who has a presence on Facebook . It’s his mission to inspire and motivate as many people, on a daily basis, to take action on ALL the things that make them LOVE life! Well I can’t think of anything more positive than that. But what does that have to do with Petaluma? Adam interviewed someone that has been on our radar for some time. George Utrilla The Random Artist. I met George at Zodiacs during the Taste of Petaluma. George was wearing a shirt sporting the 707. I told him he should reproduce and sell them.

Originally from Lima, Peru, George came to the U.S. at the age of 12 and graduated from Terra Linda High School.  He eventually moved to Petaluma which he now calls home for his family. He has been passionate about art work for most of his life. It’s his desire to have his own Gallery in Petaluma which he calls his “home base”.

Stage view of crowd at California Roots Festival
Stage view of crowd at California Roots Festival

UPDATE OMG VIDEO: #Petaluma’s James Kelly – Burning Down The House – Wow!

Update: 10/02/2014 Ed Mazza, Huffington Post, James Kelly, Skateboarder, Wipes Out At Highway Speeds and Survives.  Ed’s post shares our Petaluma Patch post under Around The Web section of this article.2014-10-05_8-34-54Ed captured one of James’ Facebook posted on the day he wiped out at high speeds on the freeway.




In this video released today Petaluma’s Longboarder James Kelly cruises downhill at high speeds passing oncoming cars, and yes, filmed wiping out.  Ouch!  This incredible scateboarder learned his craft on neighborhood hills in Petaluma.  This is a commercial for Arbor Skateboards new James Kelly Pro Model Longboard.

His sponsor Arbor provides this about James:  Born in Petaluma, CA – James grew up riding with some of downhill’s most influential skaters. For years, he’s been showing that there’s no road that can’t be conquered. He has perfected his abilities to skate anything at speed, while building the discipline required to keep calm when the consequences are high. James is no stranger to the racecourse and podium, yet he’s most at home on the hills surrounding his family cabin in the Western Sierras, where this video was filmed.