Adam Babendir LoveMyLife Interviews ‘The Random Artist’ George Utrilla

In this interview he tells about one of the highlights in his life when he was able to paint in front of an audience of 13,000 people at the California Roots Music & Arts Festival. Also a story how he taught a kid how to paint in Petaluma Arts Asscoiations’ Art In The Park.

George was also in a Petaluma 360 blog post by Katie Watts, Petaluma Towns Correspondent, called Art While You Watch in 2012.   If you get to learn more about George he is not only an artist, but also and entertainer.  People like to watch him create.  He is also passionate about teaching kids to build disciplines of an artist in whatever craft they decide to pursue, whether a chef or even a mechanic, art is not just a brush stroke against canvas it’s up to you to make whatever you want to do in life to make it an art form.

George Utrilla - The Random Artist
George Utrilla – The Random Artist

For now George has an online gallery from which you can purchase his artwork on .  Also look for George at the great many Petaluma events around town.  We will be looking forward to possibility of his own gallery in Petaluma in the future. If you have seen George perform and his artwork and liked it – thanks for posting a comment below for him.

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