VIDEO: LumaCON’s First Comic Convention a Success

LumaCon 2014-3 Resize
Photo By Ashley Collingwood

The intention behind LumaCON was to promote reading and literacy for children and young adults. Smiling, Williams tells me, “It’s far exceeded our expectations, it’s made us think about next year. Everybody is having fun … and I know it’s been that way because the artists have such goodwill, good talent, and they’re here because they’re volunteering to do it and I think that shows.”

LumaCon 2014-2 Resize
Photo By Ashley Collingwood

LumaCON had representations from a wide variety of fandoms, which included Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Homestuck, among others. Looking around, visitors could see artists drawing, children crafting, and people cosplaying, dressed up in all manner of costume. Attendee Travis, who is decked out in a Star Trek uniform, says he is at to LumaCON, “to show my support for the community and to see what’s going on and to get kids reading and get myself more comic books.”

Visitors had the opportunity to listen to panels and discussions, buy comics and art from local artists, and partake in the live-action role-playing, in which participants battle using padded swords and shields. People had only good things to say about LumaCON and seemed hopeful for a reoccurrence next year.

Here is a short video showcasing this event.

For more information the Lori A. Carter of the The Press Democrat wrote an excellent article Comics convention LumaCON draws thousands to Petaluma.

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