Petaluma Honors Veterans and Troops at Annual Veterans Day Parade

Positively Petaluma created this video to capture our community as it comes together to honor our veterans on Veterans Day each year.  In doing so, this is our ‘Thank You!’ and our salute to the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to protect us, our freedom, and this great country.  After watching this video we think you will share with us a special community pride in that we are a people that will never forget and honor those who have made the final sacrifice for us.

We also thank Petaluma’s ‘Good Egg’ Steve Kemmerle and all his volunteers who work tirelessly to make this event such a great success (an event that draws nearly 40,000 people each year). For more information about Steve see our previous post VIDEO: Petaluma’s Good Egg Ceremony – Congrats to Steve Kemmerle! Also see our post on last year’s parade see PCA Releases #Petaluma’s 2014 Veteran’s Day Parade Video, and #Petaluma’s Veteran’s Day Parade: Schedule, Highlights, History & Video.

Do you know someone who missed this years’ parade or someone who was in the parade that didn’t get video of this event?  

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Here is a glimpse of our photo gallery.  Click here to see over 130 photos covering the day’s event. After you see the slideshow you may even get a feeling as if you were there yourself cheering on our vets.  We put this photo gallery together for those vets, disabled, elderly, working citizens, and those separated by distance who could not otherwise attend our parade.


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