VIDEO: Do You Know What The California Water Conservation Laws Mean To You?

The California drought continues.  In the video below the City of Petaluma Public Works and Utilities Department director Dan St. John and Petaluma Mayor David Glass discuss water conservation.  As many know as a result of the California drought Governor Brown implemented mandatory water cuts and conservation.  What do those laws mean to Petalumans?  This video does a good job of breaking down the new ordinances into something you can understand (what you can and can’t do).  They also talk about what City of Petaluma has done and is now ldoing to meet with  usage restrictions.

This video is about 30 minutes long, but well worth watching to the end.

Please share this with other Petalumans.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Do You Know What The California Water Conservation Laws Mean To You?”

  1. 1) It would be nice if the city could give credit to those who have installed Laundry to Landscape or Showers to Flowers systems, since some of the water we use is NOT going to the sewer.

    2) Plurals do not need apostrophes, as in “Please share with other Petaluman’s.” It should be “Please share with other Petalumans.”

    3) All the savings from drip irrigation, laundry to landscape systems, short showers, etc., are literally a drop in the bucket, compared to not eating ONE hamburger. According to the USGS website (, the amount of water it takes to produce a 1/3 lb Hamburger: 4,000-18,000 gallons, not to mention the methane produced! Am I saying to never eat meat? – That would be nice, but even starting with one meatless day a week will have a large effect if everyone does it. If you substitute that meat with veggies and fruit, instead of pasta, or bread, or desserts, you will be healthier for it!

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