UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper

TriathleteWayne: What are your plans to compete again?

Lt. Trosper:  I don’t have any races picked out yet but I think it would be interesting to try to race a sprint triathlon soon after returning home just to see how I do.  Locally I can usually place in the top 5 in my age group… so I’d love to see how much I’ve lost while being here.  Beyond that I want to do another half ironman soon (possibly Hawaii 70.3) and another 50K soon.

Wayne: As an ultra runner, what was the longest distance you have run in your life?

Lt. Trosper:  My ultra-running resume is not vast.  I have completed one 50K race and attempted another.  Both race reports can be found on the blog… honestly my failed attempt is probably the most entertaining and taught me the most about myself.  Prior to these I completed 3 full road marathons.  I have goals to complete a 50 miler and possibly somewhere down the road a 100 miler.  But like the Ironman distance…I need my kids to be a bit older because the time required is vast and I just don’t have it right now.  That being said, my 50K finish was one of my proudest moments and I plan on repeating it when I get home!  Not right away though….

Wayne: When do you get to return to Petaluma?

Lt. Trosper:  I come home once a year usually in July (obviously I’m missing my trip this year).  I come with my kids and stay with my dad, step mom, and brothers.  I always look forward to the trip because there is really nothing like home.  I get to see my family (my grandparents still live nearby as well) and catch up with friends that still live in the area.  Petaluma will always have a piece of my heart and will always be home to me.

Wayne: What things do you like doing in Petaluma?

Lt. Trosper:  Some of my favorite things to do in P-town include taking my kids to the big park by G&G, walking around and shopping downtown, going running down Old Adobe, going to the swim center where I swam as a kid, and drinking wine!

walkingawayWayne: When do you get out of the military?

Lt. Trosper:  My commission lasts a total of three years, so I have a bit over a year left.  Then I’m still in the inactive reserves for 5 more years.  That being said I have yet to decide whether or not I’ll stay in.  I love what I do and I love serving my country.  So we’ll see…

Wayne: Thank you very much for the interview. We thank you for serving our country and wish you the best.

Lt. Trosper: Thanks so much again for this opportunity!


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper”

  1. What a great article and I’m so glad Jaclyn was highlighted here.

    There are so many aspects to this article that I find particularly interesting. One being that I’m currently engrossed in the story the Kite Runner which really illuminates the culture of Afghanistan. I also have two nieces who are studying to be nurses and a nephew in the process of applying to go Navy which was my father’s career.

    I also have members of my family who were triathletes YEARS ago when most people didn’t know know what they were…and a daughter who is a Celiac and therefore can’t eat gluten.

    I can understand why she would have a blog “Identity Undecided” because there are so many different facets of her life that she could focus on, so why not touch on them all? 🙂

    As there are so many common connections/interests I’ll definitely be checking out her blog and following her on Pinterest.

    The fact that P-Town produced such a wonderful person who does our community proud is just icing on the cake!

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