UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper

Wayne: You are a graduate of Casa Grande High School in 2001 – who was your favorite teacher and why?

Lt. Trosper:  I transferred to Casa Grande my junior year of high school.  I was welcomed quickly and had a great experience.  My hands down favorite teacher was during my senior year and shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I took Wildlife with Mr. Furrer.  Even though I initially had no interest in wildlife, I had seen students completing the Bear Test the previous year and really wanted to be a part of that.  I got to do that, but more importantly I gained a greater respect of the study of wildlife and its preservation.  Mr. Furrer is a great man with the biggest heart.  He poured his soul into that class and it showed every day.

gun posesWayne: When did you first realize you were interested in nursing?

Lt. Trosper:  When I was little I actually always wanted to be a doctor.  I was a biology major upon first entering the JC in preparation to go to medical school.  I don’t remember the exact moment, but I suddenly realized it was the nurses who spent the most time with the patients and actually physically cared for them.  Doctors were there, but not at the bedside for hours… bathing, medicating, consoling, treating them.  I wanted that.  I wanted to be a huge part of the care of patients and their families.  I immediately switched majors.  I ended up moving to Florida soon after and school was put on the back burner while I got married and started a family.  I eventually completed all my pre requisites and graduated with my bachelors degree in nursing when I was 25.  I started directly into the ICU and haven’t looked back since.  Best decision of my life.

Wayne: I understand you were awarded nurse of the month?  What did you do that garner this award?

Lt. Trosper:  The nurse of the month award here at the MMU was started last rotation I believe.  In order to receive the award you have to be nominated by a peer.  Then all nominees are interviewed by a panel including the previous winner, multiple higher ranking nurses, and the director of nursing (hello stress!).  The winner is then chosen by highest score on a combination of the write up submitted and their interview points.  We never really find out who nominated us.  So honestly I’m not sure what I specifically did.  But I can say I pour my heart into my work here.  Not only for my patients, but for my coworkers.  This is my family out here and I would be nothing without them.  I’m so honored to be recognized… but honestly… we all deserve it.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper”

  1. What a great article and I’m so glad Jaclyn was highlighted here.

    There are so many aspects to this article that I find particularly interesting. One being that I’m currently engrossed in the story the Kite Runner which really illuminates the culture of Afghanistan. I also have two nieces who are studying to be nurses and a nephew in the process of applying to go Navy which was my father’s career.

    I also have members of my family who were triathletes YEARS ago when most people didn’t know know what they were…and a daughter who is a Celiac and therefore can’t eat gluten.

    I can understand why she would have a blog “Identity Undecided” because there are so many different facets of her life that she could focus on, so why not touch on them all? 🙂

    As there are so many common connections/interests I’ll definitely be checking out her blog and following her on Pinterest.

    The fact that P-Town produced such a wonderful person who does our community proud is just icing on the cake!

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