UPDATE: Petaluma’s Shelina Moreda interviewed by KTVU Channel 2

UPDATE:  August 3, 2014 Four Hours, Four Making history at Japan’s Suzuka Circuit By  , Cycle World.  Against all odds #Petaluma’s Moreda gains new 1st female team to finish grueling 4 hour Japan’s Sazuka Circuit.

You may have seen our June 8th interview with Shelina, Herding cows on motorcycles to pro racing internationally: An interview with Shelina Moreda which was viewed by thousands. Recently she was interviewed by our very own Ken Wayne on KTVU Channel 2 news which aired last night.   Here is the video of that interview titled Petaluma: Bay Area Woman Set To Make Racing History. Channel 2 and anchor Ken Wayne did a great job covering this story and putting it together.

1-18-2015 Update: It appears that KTVU removed the video coverage of her – so we are providing this video interview of her.

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