UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper

Selfie with HusbandWayne: You also have your own blog, Identity Undecided – How did you come up with the name and what can people find on it?

Lt. Trosper:  I came up with the name Identity Undecided for my blog since I honestly couldn’t pick a focus for it.  My life has so many facets that to focus on just one would not be true to who I was.  Nurse, Navy sailor, mom, triathlete, ultra runner, foodie?  Which one really describes me?  They all do, so that’s where the name came from.  On it you’ll find race reports, recipes, trials from my nursing day, my latest training struggles, a story about my last Navy training.  It’s got everything on there, no topic is off limit.  That being said there isn’t anything posted since I’ve arrived in Afghanistan.  It’s too risky to post anything while we are here… so I’m saving all the stories to post when I come home… stay tuned!!

Wayne: You have 660 Recipes Pins on your Pinterest page, and the tags, labels and content of your blog makes you foodie junkie.  Tell us about your die hard foodie obsession.

IdentityUndecidedLt. Trosper:  Oh food….lol.  I was a garbage disposal growing up.  I’d eat anything.  As I came to endurance sports food became not only enjoyment but a necessity.  About 5 years ago I realized I was really gluten intolerant and that gluten had been the cause of many of my lifelong GI struggles and other autoimmune issues.  A year after that I took my kids off gluten for the same reasons.  After that I had to find new ways to enjoy food.  I also wanted to recreate foods that my kids could enjoy and not feel so left out.  During this process I dabbled in veganism (my dad is a vegan).  Since I was gluten free already and throwing vegan into the mix I started creating my own recipes… which I later posted on my blog.  But really I just love food… like really, really love it.  Being here has made me realize how much I enjoy the process of cooking and the social nature of eating with family and friends.  Though I think my food standards have drastically dropped here!!

Wayne: On your blog you have a bunch of Gluten Free recipes, can you share one of your favorites?

Lt. Trosper:  My favorite recipe is a vegan version of my gluten free sausage gravy.  I made this one with soy chorizo, but you can use any regular sausage to make it non vegan (still GF though).  I’d also recommend using regular milk if you aren’t vegan because it just tastes better.  Being married to a man from Tennessee I had to come up with an alternative to the gravy for biscuits and gravy.  I make this every Easter for the family.  I’m a huge fan of any gluten free company, but Bob’s Red Mill biscuit mix is quite awesome.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper”

  1. What a great article and I’m so glad Jaclyn was highlighted here.

    There are so many aspects to this article that I find particularly interesting. One being that I’m currently engrossed in the story the Kite Runner which really illuminates the culture of Afghanistan. I also have two nieces who are studying to be nurses and a nephew in the process of applying to go Navy which was my father’s career.

    I also have members of my family who were triathletes YEARS ago when most people didn’t know know what they were…and a daughter who is a Celiac and therefore can’t eat gluten.

    I can understand why she would have a blog “Identity Undecided” because there are so many different facets of her life that she could focus on, so why not touch on them all? 🙂

    As there are so many common connections/interests I’ll definitely be checking out her blog and following her on Pinterest.

    The fact that P-Town produced such a wonderful person who does our community proud is just icing on the cake!

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