UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper

FormalNavyPhotoWayne: What made you join Navy?

Lt. Trosper:  I’ve always wanted to be in the military.  My mother instilled in me a huge sense of patriotism as her father was an Air Force officer.  Somewhere along the way this dream fell by the way side, but it was never forgotten.  I married military and was further surrounded by that sense of pride for my country and a duty to serve.  I served as a military spouse, but I wanted more.  Once I had been a nurse for a few years I learned more about the opportunities available in the Navy reserves.  I knew there was a remote possibility I could be deployed, and I knew that would be a challenge, but I also knew I had an army of support behind me.  I also knew I had a lot to offer and wanted to utilize my skills in service to my country.  I commissioned on September 27th 2012.  I received orders to Afghanistan in June 2013.  And thankfully that army has been behind me and my family.

Jackie&MarcoCuevasselfieWayne: I saw your father’s poem he wrote for you and posted on YouTube called a Father So Proud, Is this something he created for you just before leaving to Afghanistan?

Lt. Trosper:  My dad did create that poem in honor of my deployment.  In fact he finished it while I was still in combat training in preparation to come here.  I first heard it while sitting in the barracks in Fort Jackson, SC.  I cried.  My dad and I haven’t always been close, but for the last 10 years or so we have been.  It was kind of the culmination of many things and I could feel his love and pride for me in those words.

Wayne: Tell us about your challenge with balancing being a nurse in the Navy, a mother of two and a military wife.

WithkiddosLt. Trosper:  Balance… it’s like a curse word for me.  Not only am I a full time ICU nurse, a part time flight nurse, a nurse in the Navy Reserves… but I’m a wife, and mother of two awesome kiddos.  I couldn’t accomplish any of it without that army I talked about earlier.  I’m surrounded by people who love me and my kids.  My husband is a great help, obviously (but he works just as hard at his job as I do).  My mom also lives with us full time and is my lifesaver.  She works as a triathlon coach and official.  Between the three of us we are able to manage the brood.  This includes 4 dogs as well.  On my fridge I have the alphabet magnets arranged to say “Crazy Town” because my life is a constant three ring circus.  But I truly love it, I work best when I’m firing on all cylinders.  But I work hard and play hard.  We take great vacations and I find time in my day for me… usually to work out!

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Saving and Raising Lives: An Interview with Lt. Jaclyn Cuevas Trosper”

  1. What a great article and I’m so glad Jaclyn was highlighted here.

    There are so many aspects to this article that I find particularly interesting. One being that I’m currently engrossed in the story the Kite Runner which really illuminates the culture of Afghanistan. I also have two nieces who are studying to be nurses and a nephew in the process of applying to go Navy which was my father’s career.

    I also have members of my family who were triathletes YEARS ago when most people didn’t know know what they were…and a daughter who is a Celiac and therefore can’t eat gluten.

    I can understand why she would have a blog “Identity Undecided” because there are so many different facets of her life that she could focus on, so why not touch on them all? 🙂

    As there are so many common connections/interests I’ll definitely be checking out her blog and following her on Pinterest.

    The fact that P-Town produced such a wonderful person who does our community proud is just icing on the cake!

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