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You may remember the release of our Special Limited Edition shirts in December.  Since then you have purchases nearly 300 shirts. Thank You! Our goal is to hand a check to COTS for over a $1,000 in February.  The cost of the shirts are only $5.00 with $1.00 going to COTS. The shirts can be purchased at Zephyr Sportswear.

Have fun and get noticed for spreading the good news in Petaluma while supporting your community.  Submit a photo wearing the shirt in Petaluma and we will post them in the month of February.  Be creative! maybe you are a….

  • Restaurant or Bar owner, host(ess), or worker
  • Band or musician playing at a Petaluma venue
  • Petaluma public works, police, firefighter or politician
  • Team, athlete, or coach of a Petaluma sport.
  • Traveler in a foreign country
  • Participant at a Petaluma event or standing next to a Petaluma historical site or Landmark
  • Petaluma business owner or entire company
  • Volunteer for a Petaluma charity or docent
  • Teacher or Student at a Petaluma school or away for college
  • On a walk or hike at a Petaluma park or open space
  • Fisherman or water sportsman on the Petaluma river
  • Petaluma Author or Artist holding a copy of your book or artwork

Entries must be submitted by January 31st

Congratulations To Petaluma’s Shelina Moreda Winning For United States

You may recall in June last year we interviewed Shelina in an article Herding cows on motorcycles to pro racing internationally: An interview with Shelina Moreda.  This interview led to Ken Wayne anchor of KTVU channel 2 to interview her on the local news station.

Shelina Moreda reports today that she placed first winning the Losail Asian Road Racing Series representing the United States and breaks her personal record for fastest time on the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.   She posts  “I WON!” and was grateful hearing our national anthem playing for a woman winning in the middle east in a sport that is dominated by men.

Even though she stated having challenges with her bike setup she states that when they fix those issues she will even be able to go faster.   She thanks all her supporters and credits her fans for contributing to her success.

To get an idea of the course here is a video on a preliminary run.

Petaluma Eats! at Sugo Trattoria

Although Petaluma has a lot of great restaurants, I always find myself returning to Sugo.  Whether visiting for a business lunch, dinner before the movies, or just for some after-dinner sweets and a glass of wine, you will love Sugo.

Having moved back to Petaluma in the mid-2000’s, I have tasted everything on Sugo’s menu, with the most memorable items being…well…everything.  In fact, I always arrive at Sugo knowing exactly what I want, only to find myself seduced by menu items I had forgotten about, or new specials.  It isn’t unusual for me to tell my partner to pick two things as I’m sure I’ll be happy with half of both.  Sugo’s food is simply that good.

Some personal favorites…

Bruschetta Trio

Sugo Trattoria Bruschetta TrioYou can’t go wrong starting out with the Bruschetta Trio…your choice of three different (and delicious) bruschetta combinations all for the very reasonable price of $7.  This price has never changed, and I hope it never will.  When I haven’t been in a while, or we are entertaining others, I order three different toppings.  Otherwise I simply order the phenomenal prosciutto/fig/brie for the entire Trio.

Sugo Trattoria GnocchiI get Gnocchi at every restaurant I can, and have had Sugo’s on many occasions.  The gnocchi pillows are light yet firm, made with ricotta instead of the American standard of making them from potatoes.  Sugo’s feel as if they are on the brink of melting in my mouth, holding their shape just long enough to be bitten into.  And the pesto crème sauce is so good that I asked for more bread so I could polish it off.  Although not on the menu, if you’re lucky, they will sprinkle crispy Pancetta over the top for you.  That’s call the “Sugo a la Houston” in our house and is punching up my taste buds just sitting here thinking about it.

Positively Petaluma Introduces Petaluma Eats! and Welcomes Houston Porter

NationalBestOfPatchLocalVoicesPositively Petaluma is one of the fastest growing websites and social media outlets in Petaluma. Since starting in June last year our stories have been sourced by local radio and covered on bay area TV news (not to mention thousands just like you sharing and retweeting). Last week we were listed in Patch.com‘s National Best of Patch Featured Local Voices and feature our stories in their National Daily Voices.

With this growth we have notice a trend.  Petaluma loves food!  In August 2014 KRON 4 news and North Bay Yelp called our city a “culinary destination.”  From your great response to both our food industry and restaurants we are happy to introduce a new column called Petaluma Eats! In the coming months you will start seeing contributions from local “foodies.”   This leads us also to welcome Houston Porter to our team of contributors.

Porter is a self-proclaimed Petalumaholic.  If there is an event in our city you can bet he will be there especially when food is involved. He is a restaurant reviewer for Petaluma Argus Courier and an Elite Yelper. He calls Petaluma a nourishing place to live. His first featured post will be Petaluma Eats! at Sugo Trattoria.

Your feedback is important to us so if you have any comments or suggestions on things you would like to see on Positively Petaluma please send them to [email protected]



Need Something to do this Saturday night? Check out ProXhibition Closing Reception

Petaluma Craft Guild
Petaluma Craft Guild

Petaluma has a rich history of wine and spirits.  We not only have our very own craft guild made up of brewers, distillers and vintners who promote the crafts and spirits of our city, we will soon have our own Petaluma GAP (AVA) wine region.  So what could complement that? How about a prohibition themed art show.

Griffin Map Design & Gallery
Griffin Map Design & Gallery

Located at the historic Burdell Building at 405 East D Street Suite D&F the MAPS shop is also an art gallery.  Walking into the Griffin Map Design & Gallery you will see a display of vintage bottles including some produced right here in Petaluma.  The walls were lined with various art pieces from local artists including Maxfield Bala (see Video of the Making of the Petaluma Mural by Maxfield Bala)

You will also see the artwork from Justin Ringlein, Will Elias, Todd Bischoff, Jonny Hirschmugl, Sam Gerhard, and let’s not forget “Bootleg” Chan. Scott Lowrie, the owner, known for his cartography work also creates interesting artwork with map themes.  You may know what I am talking about if you saw his booth at the Petaluma Art & Garden Festival this last year. He also has other artistic talents like his “Miller Girl” piece of a prohibition woman who is about toss a bottle of booze.

Scott Lowrie's Miller Girl
Scott Lowrie’s Miller Girl

They are celebrating their closing reception of this interesting art display on Saturday, January 17th from 6-10PM.  If you wish to dress to the era to celebrate the closing you won’t be alone.  If you are shy you can have fun and people watch. They will be serving snacks and drinks.  So if you wish to support a small local Petaluma business and area artists be sure to stop by and take a look before it is gone.

Click here to see their facebook invitation.

The ProXhibition Closing Reception
The ProXhibition Closing Reception


VIDEO: #Petaluma’s TWit.tv Raises Over $60,000 for UNICEF With Special Guest #Petaluma Pete

Leo Laporte Twit tv Raises Over $60K for UNICEFPetaluma’s internet TV personality Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, of Twit.tv completed a grueling 24-hour special on New Years Eve to raise money for UNICEF.  During this fundraiser he not only had his head shaven, but he also got a tattoo on his hind quarters to raise money (Ouch!).  Maybe he has set a new fundraising craze that will go viral, like the Bucket Challenge for ALS, and call it the UNICEF Tuchus Tattoo Challenge. A big kudos goes out to Leo, his crew, and supporters for raising over $60,000 for UNICEF.

Raising money was not the only the good news about this story.  Leo, dressed in his one-sie pajamas, also added hometown flare and spirit to end the New Years Eve coverage.  On the ‘TWit’s 24 Hours of 2015 – Hour 23’ Episode his guest was our very own Petaluma Pete (aka John Maher).  To make the appearance John pushed his piano from Buffalo Billiards to their Brick House studio located in the heart of the downtown 140 Keller Street in Petaluma.  John was at the Petaluma Bounty Penny Harvest for 2015 which was a fundraiser to help provide healthy food for all (more information on that is on our Things to Do In Petaluma on New Years Eve post on December 27, 2014).


Second Look Sunday: A Positively Petaluma Weeks In Review

Over the last few weeks many of the stories below were created by us, or scattered over several different media and social media sources.  The Petaluma Magazine was created to collect them all in one place with easy navigation either by a click of a mouse or swipe of your finger on your smart devices.  The Second Look will be a reflection of some of the posts from the previous weeks.

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“Cheese Factory” Celebrates 150 Years!

Mallard at Marin French Cheese Factory
Mallard at Marin French Cheese Factory

Marin French Cheese SignWhen growing up in the area, I always remembered our family visits and school field trips to the “Cheese Factory”.  Taking the tour and watching the cheese making process is a lifetime and memorable experience.  A great spot to ride your bike on country roads making it your half-way point-rest stop for a picnic with a glass of wine, cheese and french bread while watching the ducks swim in the pond.

This dairy started in 1865 during a time the civil war railroads were lined west to east and western immigrants started settling in Marin County to farm the rich coastal territory.

History of Marin French Cheese FactoryAt his West Marin dairy farm just on the border of Petaluma, Jefferson Thompson built deliciously fresh cheese utilizing the dairy from his cows. Thompson could then deliver it to the dockworkers in the Bay Area by schooner. He soon gained recognition for his European style cheeses – smooth – Camembert ripened Brie and a basic treat named Petite Breakfast cheese – and launched a creamery that would ultimately be called Marin French Cheese.