VIDEO: #Petaluma’s Raises Over $60,000 for UNICEF With Special Guest #Petaluma Pete

Leo Laporte Twit tv Raises Over $60K for UNICEFPetaluma’s internet TV personality Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, of completed a grueling 24-hour special on New Years Eve to raise money for UNICEF.  During this fundraiser he not only had his head shaven, but he also got a tattoo on his hind quarters to raise money (Ouch!).  Maybe he has set a new fundraising craze that will go viral, like the Bucket Challenge for ALS, and call it the UNICEF Tuchus Tattoo Challenge. A big kudos goes out to Leo, his crew, and supporters for raising over $60,000 for UNICEF.

Raising money was not the only the good news about this story.  Leo, dressed in his one-sie pajamas, also added hometown flare and spirit to end the New Years Eve coverage.  On the ‘TWit’s 24 Hours of 2015 – Hour 23’ Episode his guest was our very own Petaluma Pete (aka John Maher).  To make the appearance John pushed his piano from Buffalo Billiards to their Brick House studio located in the heart of the downtown 140 Keller Street in Petaluma.  John was at the Petaluma Bounty Penny Harvest for 2015 which was a fundraiser to help provide healthy food for all (more information on that is on our Things to Do In Petaluma on New Years Eve post on December 27, 2014).


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