Petaluma Eats! at Sugo Trattoria

Although Petaluma has a lot of great restaurants, I always find myself returning to Sugo.  Whether visiting for a business lunch, dinner before the movies, or just for some after-dinner sweets and a glass of wine, you will love Sugo.

Having moved back to Petaluma in the mid-2000’s, I have tasted everything on Sugo’s menu, with the most memorable items being…well…everything.  In fact, I always arrive at Sugo knowing exactly what I want, only to find myself seduced by menu items I had forgotten about, or new specials.  It isn’t unusual for me to tell my partner to pick two things as I’m sure I’ll be happy with half of both.  Sugo’s food is simply that good.

Some personal favorites…

Bruschetta Trio

Sugo Trattoria Bruschetta TrioYou can’t go wrong starting out with the Bruschetta Trio…your choice of three different (and delicious) bruschetta combinations all for the very reasonable price of $7.  This price has never changed, and I hope it never will.  When I haven’t been in a while, or we are entertaining others, I order three different toppings.  Otherwise I simply order the phenomenal prosciutto/fig/brie for the entire Trio.

Sugo Trattoria GnocchiI get Gnocchi at every restaurant I can, and have had Sugo’s on many occasions.  The gnocchi pillows are light yet firm, made with ricotta instead of the American standard of making them from potatoes.  Sugo’s feel as if they are on the brink of melting in my mouth, holding their shape just long enough to be bitten into.  And the pesto crème sauce is so good that I asked for more bread so I could polish it off.  Although not on the menu, if you’re lucky, they will sprinkle crispy Pancetta over the top for you.  That’s call the “Sugo a la Houston” in our house and is punching up my taste buds just sitting here thinking about it.