VIDEO: Luckily Petaluma Ca family safe after hover board explosion & fire

According to the ABC Channel 7 report a Petaluma Ca family said a hoverboard charging inside their home exploded, burst into flames, and sent embers across the room. But luckily nobody was hurt.  Here is the video of the recently aired segment.  This feature also includes Petaluma Fire Department

BREAKING NEWS: Daughters Save Mother’s Life After Learning CPR Through HeartSafe Program

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UPDATE April 24, 2015: Two Petaluman’s use CPR to save lives, by Matt Brown.

We have been reporting on these amazing stories about our local youth stepping up and saving lives using skills they learned at school and from our local programs. In October 2014 we share with you  “Save Lives Sonoma” helps 13-Year Old Lewis Save The Life Of His Father with CPR and in December 2014 we posted 10-Year Old Penngrove Boy Saves His Mother’s Life in #Petaluma (a post that went viral and is still gets a lot of traffic today).

We learned about another amazing story that took place on ‘tax day’ in April.

We thank Tami Bender of Petaluma Health Care District (PHCD) for providing this information from Jeff Schach, Petaluma’s Battalion Chief,  along with info about PHCD’s HeartSafe Community.

Petaluma Fire Chief Jeff Schach (Photo by BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)
Petaluma Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Schach (Photo by BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)

Jeff Schach, Petaluma Battalion Chief says “We have linked several cardiac arrests saves to our efforts. the most recent occurred on April 15th, 2015.”  A Petaluma 51-year-old woman suffered a cardiac arrest while making breakfast.  Her daughters, a 7th grader at Petaluma Junior High School and the other a high school student at St. Vincent, called 911 and started CPR on their mother.  When Petaluma Firefighters arrived they were able to get her heart beating normally again with a few shocks and rounds of CPR.  She was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial and then transferred to Kaiser in San Francisco. She now has an internal defibrillator and no deficits.  Her cardiac arrest was caused by an electrical dysrhythmia, not from blocked coronary arteries.  She credits the quick action of her daughters with saving her life.  Her 7th grade daughter learned how to do Hands-Only CPR this past January during PE class at school through the Save Lives Sonoma program, supported by PHCD’s HeartSafe Community.


10-Year Old Penngrove Boy Saves His Mother’s Life in #Petaluma

Pictured: Captain Dan Farren, Joe Kelly, and Firefighter/Paramedic Shay Burke

This story reminded me of one that we recently reported about Lewis from Forestville who save his father’s life called ‘Saves Lives Sonoma helps 13-Year Old Lewis Save the Life of His Father with CPR.’ Joe is a 10-year old from Penngrove and 5th grader at St. Vincent Elementary School.  In the video at the end of this article you will hear the 911 call and learn about the events on how Joe would help save his mother’s life in the parking lot of the Petaluma’s Plaza North Shopping Center.

A little after 7PM On December 15, 2014 Gabe Kearney, Vice Major, called the Petaluma Council meeting to order.  He announced the first agenda item was Petaluma Fire Department to present a Citizen-In-Action Award.   Captain Dan Farren and Firefighter/Paramedic Shay Burke approached the podium and started to play the 911 call.

Petaluma Fire with Joe Kelly and family
Joe Kelly and family, REDCOM Dispatch & Petaluma Fire

Captain Dan Farren indicated that on evening of September 25th 2014 at Trader Joes in Petaluma Joe noticed something was not right with his mother.  We interviewed the family and they told us that they were in Trader Joes when things were not going right. Joe assisted his mother to their car – and no matter how much Joe tried to help her nothing was working. She was nearly unconscious when he took her cell phone and called his father Dennis, a San Francisco Firefighter who was on duty at the time.  Dennis immediately called Rancho Adobe Fire in Penngrove.  The on duty captain called Redwood Empire Dispatch Communications Authority (REDCOM), which is the fire and medical dispatch for entire Sonoma County, and gave them what little information they had.  Normally when REDCOM receives a call from a cell phone they can triangulate the position from the cell towers – a ping from the cell phone – to determine the location.


2 Elderly Ladies Save 87 y.o. Wheelchair Bound Woman From Fire

                    Photo by Scott Manchester/Argus-Courier Staff

Yesterday evening YouTube Channel published this video and related article“Fire causes extensive damage to Petaluma home [on Melvin Street] w/video”. In this video Petaluma Fire Department Battalion Chief tells what happened.

In the article one of the victims said, “We all fell to the floor trying to move her, but we did it,” who added that they were surprised at how fast the fire started.

Fortunately the Fire Dept. was just a few blocks away when the fire started and were there almost immediately, and all parties were not hurt.  Unfortunately the house has major damage.

What a courageous effort by the two ladies to act quickly enough and together to drug the 87 y.o. woman out of the house, and the third acting quickly to run out of the home to call 911.

Fortunately they were no injuries to people or the fireman.  Kudos for our Petaluma Fire Department for responding quickly to extinguish this fire before causing any more damage to neighboring homes and people.


“Save Lives Sonoma” helps 13-Year Old Lewis Save The Life Of His Father with CPR

                    Photo Kent Porter, Press Democrat, 2014

According to an Press Democrat Article “Forestville teen saves dad’s life and EMS1’s based on the same Randi Rossman Press story Calif. teen’s CPR saves father, impresses responders“,  Lewis Griffith, a 13-year old from Forestville, learned how to save his father’s life in a P.E. class at Forestville Academy.   This education was part of a countywide effort by a coalition of emergency responders and health agencies called Save Lives Sonoma. They target and teach seventh-graders hands-on CPR.  According to the article his father slumped unconscious and not breathing on the kitchen floor, and Lewis announced to his startled mother he knew what to do.  Firefighters arrived on the scene with the teen working on his father on his own.

The article provides background from #Petaluma’s Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Schach who adds “The reason we picked seventh-graders is they’re smart enough to learn it and teach it to the rest of their family and friends and they’re not too cool for it yet,”  Schach, who coordinates Petaluma Fire Department’s efforts with Save Lives Sonoma, said about 2,000 people in the south county have been taught, including hundreds of middle-schoolers. Hundreds more area students are slated to get the training in the next several months.  “We’re already seeing results,” Schach said, noting five people have been saved by someone stepping up to do the chest compressions in the past two years. “There’s been a drastic increase in the amount of bystanders doing (hands-only) CPR.”

Here is a video from the Save Lives Sonoma YouTube page released about 4 months ago.