10-Year Old Penngrove Boy Saves His Mother’s Life in #Petaluma

Joe Kelly with 911 Dispatcher Jody Pater-Bradley
Joe Kelly with REDCOM Dispatcher Jody Pater-Bradley

However this was not the case. REDCOM dispatcher Jody Pater-Bradley could only call out to the cell number that was provided by Rancho Adobe Fire. Her challenge would be to locate where they where so she could send help. Jody, a resident of Petaluma, knew that Trader Joes in Petaluma was next to a Petco.  She had other staff immediately research to find out if there were any other areas that had Petco and Trader Joes located in the same shopping center.  She immediately dispatched Petaluma Fire. She knew she had the right shopping center when Joe said he could hear the fire engines.  Joe went on to describe to her what he was wearing and a description of the car so the firefighters would know who to look for.  Jody stated that normally when someone calls 911 they can barely talk, but Joe who was under a tremendous amount of pressure was calm, cool and collective.  Jody said, “He focused on exactly what was asked of him.” He worked with Jody to help determine their location. All the information that he provided helped the firefighters find them faster. Jody said, “He was very easy to work with to get the information. People who usually call 911 are hysterical.” She also stated “It’s not common that kids can help their parents in that way.”


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