2 Elderly Ladies Save 87 y.o. Wheelchair Bound Woman From Fire

                    Photo by Scott Manchester/Argus-Courier Staff

Yesterday evening Petaluma360.com YouTube Channel published this video and related article“Fire causes extensive damage to Petaluma home [on Melvin Street] w/video”. In this video Petaluma Fire Department Battalion Chief tells what happened.

In the article one of the victims said, “We all fell to the floor trying to move her, but we did it,” who added that they were surprised at how fast the fire started.

Fortunately the Fire Dept. was just a few blocks away when the fire started and were there almost immediately, and all parties were not hurt.  Unfortunately the house has major damage.

What a courageous effort by the two ladies to act quickly enough and together to drug the 87 y.o. woman out of the house, and the third acting quickly to run out of the home to call 911.

Fortunately they were no injuries to people or the fireman.  Kudos for our Petaluma Fire Department for responding quickly to extinguish this fire before causing any more damage to neighboring homes and people.