#Petaluma’s CamelBak® chooses Yingo Yango to power its extensive health & wellness program

CamelBak's Cafeteria, Photo by Terray Sylvester / The Chronicle
CamelBak’s Cafeteria, Photo by Terray Sylvester / The Chronicle

Yingo Yango, a white-label mobile platform for care management and health & wellness program delivery, announced today a new relationship with CamelBak, the world’s leader in hydration products, headquartered in Petaluma, California. CamelBak will use Yingo Yango to power its employee health & wellness program, “Bak to Health,” for all mobile devices, making it more interactive and engaging on a real-time basis.  See also our post just a few weeks ago on Camelbak Water, water everywhere! An Inside Look at CamelBak in #Petaluma

Richard Braddock, Yingo Yango’s Chairman, says: “CamelBak and Yingo Yango share the goal of using simple technology to bring content and data together in ways that are intuitive to the user and repeatedly actionable. Yingo Yango is a customer-centric, disease-focused platform—interoperable and consistent with the evolution of healthcare. We are proud to support CamelBak as they bring the best in healthcare solutions to their employees. Together we will ensure smarter actions and healthier outcomes.”

camelbak best places to workGiven its innovative and outdoors-friendly culture, Camelbak has long been recognized as an exceptional place to work. When it comes to employee wellbeing, the founders of the “Hydration Revolution” have thought of nearly everything, from a fully stocked fitness facility with on-site trainers and healthy snack stations to a fleet of bikes that can be taken to a nearby park. Yet CamelBak recognizes that perks are just one piece of ensuring positive health and morale and are looking to do a lot more for their employees this year with the help of Yingo Yango’s platform.

“Our Bak to Health program is about building a community within our company,” explains Trevor Cherr, HR Analyst at CamelBak. “Yingo Yango makes custom deployment of challenges, communication, individual goal setting and other engaging programming really easy. It’s our brand and our schedule, pushed out to our very own app on every employee’s smartphone. Yingo Yango provides the flexible and customizable technology we need to easily deliver our resources how we want.”

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Water, water everywhere! An Inside Look at CamelBak in #Petaluma

                        Photo: Terray Sylvester / The Chronicle


CamelBak Trudeau Cool Off 24-Ounce Hydration Bottle, Click Photo For More Information
CamelBak Trudeau Cool Off 24-Ounce Hydration Bottle

SF GATE (San Francisco Chronicle) has a segment in their business column each Monday called Office Space which gives readers a glimpse inside a Bay Area company.  This week they featured Petaluma’s Camelbak. The following content was contributed by their staff writer Julie Balise, a San Francisco Chronicle Staff writer.  Also if you missed a previous interview of CamelBak’s CEO on Behind The Brand I have been waiting to post this as well, because we have seen it come up in our searches again this morning. On November 14, 2014 we reported on CamelBak was recognized by GreatLists at one of the healthiest companies to work for in American.  In 2013 Outside Magazine listed them in the 100 Best Places To Work.

As suggested by the headline, CamelBak is obsessed with hydration. So much so that their office is laced with water molecules.  Their environment also includes “clouds” or sound panels to absorb noise from their open office space. The company also made their office green friendly and by doing so it became a certified  Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) building.

CamelBak's Cafeteria, Photo by Terray Sylvester / The Chronicle
CamelBak’s Cafeteria, Photo by Terray Sylvester / The Chronicle

Their hallways are like shopping displays showcasing their their best selling products with meeting rooms and retractable walls to create even more open space when needed.  Their cafeteria has a wall of windows giving it natural light with views of Shollenberger Park.  The cafeteria also offers the employees healthy snacks, and yes, you guessed it, water coolers for them to refill their CamelBak water bottles.

While their products are manufacturer in Mexico, the design and test them in Petaluma. They have an open lab space so the other employees can see how their how their products work.  In the testing area they also have temperature chambers to determine how long water would freeze in their bottles and effects also from heat and pressure.


#Petaluma’s CamelBak is one of the Healthiest Companies to Work For in America

GREATIST focuses on posts about making healthier choices with a theme to feel good, happy and healthy.  On October 30th they posted a list of The 44 Healthiest Companies to work for in America.  We picked this up in our searches and found that Petaluma’s CamelBak made the list.

Greatlist.com reports the following:

We consider CamelBak the capital of Hydration Nation—thanks to their water bottles, filters, and hydration packs—so it’s no surprise that they encourage their 138 employees to keep the H2O coming. Just one part of their “Bak to Health” program, a yearly challenge where employees earn points for exercise, hydration, and healthy nutrition. It’s a company-wide game, and everyone’s a winner: All participants earn rewards, and CamelBak donates money to charities selected by the players as a result. Apart from this friendly competition, day-to-day culture encourages the healthy outdoor living that CamelBak’s products champion. Employees can work out with provided fitness equipment, take to the on-site basketball court, pedal around on one of the four company bikes, or meet with CamelBak’s personal trainer for a more structured workout. And all workers receive discounts to various outdoor and adventure companies. We imagine the CamelBak-supported paid sabbatical of four to six weeks gives employees even more opportunity to test out that new camping gear.

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In 2013 Camelbak was listed on Outside Magazine’s website Online article on the 100 Best Places To Work which sites that their office is located by a 165-acre wetlands park, which features a two-mile circular trail and a one-mile trail ideal for running and biking.  Also adds that their culture provides for a stress management or meditation class through their Bak to Health wellness program.

To see a complete listing of items made by Camelbak click on the photo below.