#Petaluma’s Kitsbow Chosen 1 of 15 Companies That Make Clothes You Can Feel Good About Wearing

Mountain Bikers In Petaluma Making Their Way Up Hurl Hill
Mountain Bikers In Petaluma Making Their Way Up Hurl Hill Photo By Tami Cramer

KitsbowWe thought it was appropriate considering this weekend there are thousands of high school mountain bike riders competing in Petaluma this weekend to highlight a Petaluma clothes manufacturer Kitsbow who makes mountain bike wear.  They were featured in an article yesterday by Outside Online Magazine highlighting 15 companies they call progressive and making sustainable clothing that looks as great as it wears.  We only feature the Kitsbow product below, but if you want to see the other 14 companies highlighted please click on the article link below.

From Outside Online by Will Palmer:

Cover Photo of Article by Trevor Woods
Cover Photo of Article by Trevor Woods

The 21st century seems like a mess so far. Gridlock in Washington. Rising seas. Corporate domination. Kardashians. But if you’ve been paying attention, you know that there are positive things happening all over the place as well, and with accelerating frequency. Consider the clothes you wear. While mass-produced, polluting sweatshop apparel isn’t going away overnight, there are people all over the world—from Portland to Brooklyn to Addis Ababa and, yes, China—who are trying to make style sustainable.


#Petaluma’s CamelBak is one of the Healthiest Companies to Work For in America

GREATIST focuses on posts about making healthier choices with a theme to feel good, happy and healthy.  On October 30th they posted a list of The 44 Healthiest Companies to work for in America.  We picked this up in our searches and found that Petaluma’s CamelBak made the list.

Greatlist.com reports the following:

We consider CamelBak the capital of Hydration Nation—thanks to their water bottles, filters, and hydration packs—so it’s no surprise that they encourage their 138 employees to keep the H2O coming. Just one part of their “Bak to Health” program, a yearly challenge where employees earn points for exercise, hydration, and healthy nutrition. It’s a company-wide game, and everyone’s a winner: All participants earn rewards, and CamelBak donates money to charities selected by the players as a result. Apart from this friendly competition, day-to-day culture encourages the healthy outdoor living that CamelBak’s products champion. Employees can work out with provided fitness equipment, take to the on-site basketball court, pedal around on one of the four company bikes, or meet with CamelBak’s personal trainer for a more structured workout. And all workers receive discounts to various outdoor and adventure companies. We imagine the CamelBak-supported paid sabbatical of four to six weeks gives employees even more opportunity to test out that new camping gear.

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In 2013 Camelbak was listed on Outside Magazine’s website Online article on the 100 Best Places To Work which sites that their office is located by a 165-acre wetlands park, which features a two-mile circular trail and a one-mile trail ideal for running and biking.  Also adds that their culture provides for a stress management or meditation class through their Bak to Health wellness program.

To see a complete listing of items made by Camelbak click on the photo below.