Thousands Show Up For #Petaluma’s Lighted Boat Parade

Christopher Linnell at Petaluma's Holiday Lighted Boat Parade
Christopher Linnell at Petaluma’s Holiday Lighted Boat Parade


The city decorations and lights along with sound of Christmas carolers created a Norman Rockwell like mood and scene in our historic downtown. While climbing the stairs to the Petaluma Mill’s deck you could smell the sweet aroma of a cigar only to enter a back-in-time encounter with Christopher Linnell who was dressed in garments from the times. We couldn’t help but capture his image in B&W to generate a timeless and vintage feel of the evening.

While walking by the Boulevard Cinemas we saw carolers singing to a homeless person.  We couldn’t help to do double takes passing by asking ourselves, Who is that? It was so good we had to turn around and find out who they were. The Pacific Empire Chorus singers introduced themselves and sang a song for us.

Wasn’t that great!  If you liked that, then you will definitely also like the Petaluma Empire Chorus’s annual crab feed which helps to fund this awesome group on Jan 31, 2015 from  5:30pm to 9:00pm at the Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building, 1094 Petaluma Blvd. South, Petaluma, CA. Click here to purchase you tickets – we understand they are going fast so order your tickets today.


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