#Petaluma Animal Services Shares Photo of Bottle Babies

As provided for on their Facebook Page.  Safe in foster care, our first bottle babies are here. Did you know these kits are 1 day old, and will require bottle feeding every 2 hours/24hrs a day, plus steady warmth, to survive? We celebrate their tiny lives, by helping them thrive. We are the Army of Kindness, and at PASF, shelter means shelter. Thanks for being a part of all the fun and goodness. Welcome to the world, tiny babies!

via (1) Petaluma Animal Services.

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Photos & Videos of Petaluma Storm

We are aware that the flooding caused a lot of damage to homes and business and that is definitely not a positive thing. However some made the best of it. In times that things get tough, amazing people from Petaluma rise up and show their best. Like in the article VIDEO: 80-Year-Old Heroes Saves Senior Mobile Home Park From Devastating NorCal Storm. It’s also positive to see volunteers, our city workers, police and fire coming out to help.  In these videos you will also see our firefighters working to help save 10 people that were stranded. It was a ‘snow day’ for our students, and some put on their rain boots and jumped in puddles. It even brought out thrill seekers and water sports enthusiast who took advantage of the raging creeks and flooded streets. Couldn’t get into Lagunitas, no problem, one young lady found her place afloat in front of Lagunitas drinking a cold one.  You can see that photo in our post “Need I Say More” which was shared on Facebook over 177 times in just a few days.

It’s also positive news for Petaluma to get the much needed water after our severe drought. Petaluman’s even rose up in light of the drought by improving how to grow drought resistant produce and sustainable food as covered in our article From Marketing Executive to #Petaluma Farmer: Deborah Walton created Canvas Ranch.  After recent storm we saw posts indicating that Petaluma cattle ranchers were saying they have never seen the grass grow on the hills as fast as it is. We all know the strain our local farmers/growers have been challenged with the drought.  This was illustrated in the video KPIX News Video: Demand Soars for Organic Milk #Petaluma Dairies Trying to Keep Up.

I hope you enjoy the following feed of photos and videos (which you will only find on Positively Petaluma – as some of the content was sent to us by our followers and some we created and the content is so spread out you probably would not otherwise find it yourself).

We arranged these photos and videos on multiple pages so it would not take forever for you computer to load each one all on one page. SO CLICK THE PAGE NUMBERS BELOW TO SEE THE NEXT PHOTO OR VIDEO.

These Petaluma photos were taken by Associated Press Photographer Eric Risberg.

Petaluma Woman Who Had To Have Her Starbucks Despite the Heavy Rains, Assoicated Press Photo by Eric Risberg
Petaluma Woman Who Had To Have Her Starbucks Despite the Heavy Rains Associated Press Photo by Eric Risberg