Did You Know #Petaluma Has a Famous Military Comic, Maximilian Uriarte?

Max and his dog Charlie
Max and his dog Charlie

After Max was honorably discharged from the military he sought out and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the California College of Arts.

Now when you see Max at a sidewalk café in town, you can say hello to him and his dog Charlie. Oh, and don’t forget to thank him for his service to our country.  Although an apparent mundane military experience, it will be one that he won’t soon forget.  An experience that released his passion and creativity into his art that today touches many.



2 thoughts on “Did You Know #Petaluma Has a Famous Military Comic, Maximilian Uriarte?”

  1. What a delightful story! And you’re right, I didn’t know about him so I’m glad you shared this. Once again I’m blown away by the type of people who live in our community and their very varied occupations and interests!

    Thank you Max for your service to our country…and wow what a ripple affect you have had! Laughter is healing and our military personnel whether (current or past) could always use some of that funny medicine!



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