Did You Know #Petaluma Has a Famous Military Comic, Maximilian Uriarte?

                      Marine Times, Courtesy of Maximilian Uriarte
Men's Journal, Courtesy Maximilian Uriarte
Men’s Journal, Courtesy Maximilian Uriarte

You may not know him if you saw him sitting at a Petaluma sidewalk cafe near his home. That’s because he is more well known specifically to the military community. Maximilian Uriarte was recently featured in an article by Saul Elbein in the Men’s Journal, “The Marine Corp’s Graphic Novel Hero”.  His creation ‘Terminal Lance has become a (an adult-audience) comic book hero and a Marine Corps institution.

Terminal Lance is a slang term for a Marine who won’t advance beyond the lowest rank of lance corporal.  When Max served his two tours in Iraq in the Marine Infantry, he was expecting action and firefights.  However he found just the opposite.  It was mostly trying to overcome the boredom.  So he leveraged this into a satirical comic of US Marine Corp life that he would launch in 2010 while on base in Hawaii.