Bellyfull’s CEO Kelly O’Grady Is Her First Best Customer

Kelly O'Grady-2

Wayne: You also mentioned that some of your customers have lost weight since starting your service, tell us about that?

Kelly: I’m glad you asked about this. I thought this was such a cool story. One of our customers consistently orders 2 dinners for her family of three. I got to talking with her one day and since she didn’t have to cook dinner a few times a week she started working out more. She would split the Bellyfull dinner with her daughter and only ate certain parts that were in tune with her diet – the fresh veggies, meats, and fruits; her daughter ate the rest. She said sometimes she would throw it all on a salad and enjoy her dinner that way – that was what actually gave us the idea of offering a salad-ized version of our dinner as part of our Be Fit menu – and they are really good! She knew that we only use real food and no commercial products so she was able to still enjoy Bellyfull since there isn’t any hidden sugar, added sodium, or anything else “bad” in the food. With the time she could now spend being active and the real food and diet, she lost 20lbs in just a few months.

Wayne:  What’s new on the horizon?

Kelly:  Right now, we are working on bottling our sauces for our perks on our Crowdfunding campaign. Eventually, we will be approaching local stores and national chains to carry them as well which we hope will help grow the Bellyfull brand. We are very excited!

BellyFull LogoWayne:  Well thank you very much for your time it has been great getting to know you and your business.

Kelly:  Thank you Wayne! I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me as well.


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