Bellyfull’s CEO Kelly O’Grady Is Her First Best Customer

Wayne:  So I understand from your video you make all your meals from fresh local foods.  Which local suppliers are you using?

Kelly: We do. We use Golden Gate Meat Company in Santa Rosa for all of our meats, they provide only all natural and hormone free meat including Rocky and Rosie brands. We also occasionally use Harris Beef as well. For our cheeses, we use the famous Petaluma Creamery and get all of our dairy from our very own Clover Stornetta. For produce, we use a local, family owned produce company located here in Petaluma, Marin-Sonoma Produce.

Wayne:  Do you see a franchise opportunity in the future?

Kelly: Oh for sure. I’ve got plans. I tend to start small, think big, and scale fast. It’s my vision to deliver Bellyfull to every door in America and we are very excited for what the future can bring.

Wayne:  When I talked to you before you told me about a customer who claims you “saved her life” – tell us about that story?

Kelly: In January, Bellyfull performed a beta test with friends and family. One of our friends asked us to send a dinner to another friend whose husband had recently passed. We of course sent that dinner out. The next day that customer started ordering herself. We later found out that her husband did all the cooking, and when her husband died she said “How am I going to feed myself now?” We were the answer to that question. She is still a loyal customer and a good friend of ours now.

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