Johnson Chases For Checkered Flag: An interview with Petaluma’s Chase Johnson

Wayne:  What would you say the average age is of the racers you compete against?

Chase: The average age would be 30 years old


Wayne:  Is there anyone that you give credit to, any person or people, for your success in racing?

Chase: My family has been the reason why I’m where I’m at today. My mom and dad have been so supportive and spent so much time, money and effort on helping me chase my dream. The support backing from my whole family is really incredible and I’m so thankful for that.


Wayne:  Racing requires a lot of support from sponsors, family and pit teams.  What does your support system look like?

Chase: I am extremely blessed with all the great people that surround me with support. I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I do without my sponsors.  All my sponsors are some of the greatest, nicest and caring people you could know. I am very thankful for the partnerships I have with Johnny Franklin Mufflers, Newman Freeman Racing, Pit Stop USA, Napa Auto Parts, Flowmaster, Shifty Illusions, I Wear Motorsports,  VanLare Steering Repair, Oroville Cycle and Dons Truck Repair. My family and friends have always been great supporters of my racing with most of them making it to every one of my races! What really amazes me is hearing the crowds cheer for me at not only our home track in Petaluma but every track I visit across the west coast. It really is great to have such a huge support group of amazing fans. All the race teams I have driven for and teams I am currently driving for are all very supportive and I can’t thank them all for giving me a chance.


Wayne:  Chase, thank you very much for your time and for the interview

Chase:  Your welcome, and thank you for interviewing me.

ChaseJohnsonChase Johnson turned adversity into a cause to not only honor Marcus and Dale but instill in him a spirit of competition to win in their memory.   Positively Petaluma will be following and reporting on Chase’s career in the future.

Click here to connect to his website for more information about Chase and his racing schedule.   Chase raced last at Petaluma Speedway and took third place.  Don’t miss him at his next race this Saturday May 10th back at Petaluma with the King of the West Sprint Car Series.




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  1. I have an 18 year-old, ready to graduate PHS student who’s been driving and wrenching all his life. It’s great to see Chase Johnson go after his passion and express gratitude and recognition to his family. His accident was heart breaking and tough for anyone to overcome . . . glad to see he’s back on track . . .

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