Johnson Chases For Checkered Flag: An interview with Petaluma’s Chase Johnson

Wayne:  Of course we were all very sorry for the tragic loss of Marcus and Dale. After you had some time off you felt an inspiration to race in their honor.  How has this changed you as a person on and off the track?

Chase: The accident has changed a lot of things in my life and some that I wish hadn’t changed. My whole view of life was changed, I see people in a totally different way than I did before with every human being having a direct reason and purpose in their life. On the track I’m still not the same as I was before the accident. Getting back in the seat was the best thing I could possibly do for myself. The more time you spend away from it the harder it is to come back especially after a horrible accident. I couldn’t heal staying away from racing. I felt that I needed to go back and race for not only myself but Marcus and Dale. Since then I want to help and inspire others to overcome adversity.


Photo By Chase Johnson Racing
Photo By Chase Johnson Racing

Wayne:  What are your goals for racing? Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Chase: One of my goals in racing is to have my story be heard throughout the world and have myself become an inspiration to overcoming adversity. Another one of my goals is that I want racing to become my job. Unlike a lot of other drivers I don’t have a specific direction on where I want to go, as long as I’m racing a car at a professional level I will love it.


Wayne:  You are a bit of a veteran at racing even at the age of 18.  You have hundreds of wins and 7 championships under your belt.   Does your experience at such a young age give you a competitive advantage?

Chase: Yes I think it does. Even though the majority of wins and championships have come from the Outlaw Kart racing years of my life it still gives me advantage due to my experience  behind the wheel of a race car. I believe any type of experience in anytime of auto racing definitely gives you a competitive advantage over someone with less experience.


Wayne:  I see you have a little brother Colby “Colbster” – is he racing and will he follow the family tradition of racing?

Chase: He is following the family tradition and is doing very well! With the off weekends I have, I spend those days at the track helping my little brother at his races. His improvement over the last couple years has been tremendous. I think one of the greatest things is teaching him all my skills and tricks I have learned over my years and seeing him progress and improve using them.

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  1. I have an 18 year-old, ready to graduate PHS student who’s been driving and wrenching all his life. It’s great to see Chase Johnson go after his passion and express gratitude and recognition to his family. His accident was heart breaking and tough for anyone to overcome . . . glad to see he’s back on track . . .

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