Videos: Chelsea Carl and Maxfield Bala Create 0+ (Positive) Festival Videos

Prior to the 0+ event on September 21, 2014 Positively Petaluma reported on the very first 0+ Festival in the article “What The Heck Is An 0+ Festival? Get In The Know Because It’s Comin’ To #Petaluma”.

Chelsea Carl did a great job in producing the below short video covering the 2014 0+ Festival in Petaluma.

Maxfield Bala's Mural, Photo By Positively Petaluma
Maxfield Bala’s Mural, Photo By Positively Petaluma

Maxfield Bala has become an iconic Petaluma artist with his recent mural painting. Positively Petaluma covered this mural in an article on July 14, 2014 called Video of the Making of the #Petaluma Mural by Maxfield Bala.  Following the completion of the mural he showed his art work in the new Prince Art Gallery located in the alley way just off of Putnam Plaza.