Videos: Chelsea Carl and Maxfield Bala Create 0+ (Positive) Festival Videos

In this short video he sports a cool new funky chicken at Petaluma’s 0+ Festival 2014 in this video created by Scott Lowrie who did a fantastic job in capturing Maxfield’s work at this event.

UPDATE: May 14, 2015 Thank Youinverse interviews (or has a ‘Powwow’ with) Maxfield.  This interview gives you an in depth background on this young and rising artist in Petaluma and an update on some of the projects he is working on.

2 thoughts on “Videos: Chelsea Carl and Maxfield Bala Create 0+ (Positive) Festival Videos”

  1. Thank you for a great article. It is a great grassroots nonprofit that I am proud to be apart of. The production crew is already planning the next event, but there is no need to wait to be involved! Come on out this Friday to view the art in person before it goes online. It all goes up for auction starting this Friday!

    Here is the auction website:

    Here is the Invitation:

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