#Petaluma Musician/Composer Chooses Chicken Farm Over Big City

William Ryan Fritch Standing Outside His Rustic Farmhouse, Photo By Nathaniel Wood
William Ryan Fritch Standing Outside His Rustic Farmhouse, Photo By Nathaniel Wood

In a recent article by Chris Martins on January 19, 2015 in the Modern Farmer Country Roads: City Musicians Are Going Rural, he writes about musician and artist William Ryan Fritch who composes and creates his music in a century old Petaluma chicken farm.  He and his wife have a master bedroom in a rustic converted water tower.

His talent for creating music is incredible and his collection of music making instruments and toys are impressive. He records his music in a converted tractor garage insulated for heat and soundproofing.

William Ryan FritchAccording to his website, he said that in his more recent recordings (Revisionist) you might even hear farm sounds like roosters from the next farm which is quit alright with him.  He states that he finds those sounds more enjoyable than the ones he creates. While he is not making sound he and his wife garden and grow veggies.


One-Man-Band Matt Bolton jams at #Petaluma’s Lagunitas Taproom

As a former musician I had to watch closely to how Matt Bolton performs.   After processing all that he does to create his music I was very impressed.  I have to admit my first impression was – this guy has recorded tracks for his background music – WRONG! I am usually very impressed with artists like Geddy Lee of Rush who sings, plays bass, organ bass foot pedals, and keyboards at the same time.  That would be too simple for Matt. Geddy would have to get rid of Neal Peart and play the acoustics as well to keep up with him.

Matt has toured with bands like Todd Rundgren and Jesse Colin Young band (that I actually had the opportunity to play a few songs with at the Inn of the Beginning in Cotati many moons ago). Rundgren recently said “I knew Matt was a player – that’s why I hired him.  But, it wasn’t until I a saw him do his own thing that I realized what an entertainer he is.” according to the Kauai Music Scene.

This solo artist from the Island of Kauai tours nationally and plays several genres of music using guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, piano, saxophone, violin, mandolin, slide guitar, ukelele, banjo, percussion, dobro and yes, he does the singing too.  Matt was kind enough to dedicate this song to Positively Petaluma in this video we produced.


The Talented Nate Lopez Plays Original Song “Blackstro” at #Petaluma’s Farmers Market

Nate Lopez: Photo By Positively Petaluma
Nate Lopez: Photo By Positively Petaluma

Just outside of Tres Hombres last night I ran into the very talented Nate Lopez. You will note this 7 and 8 String Guitarist uses every aspect of the guitar to play base, rhythm and lead making him a one man band.

You can find more about Nate on his website, NateLopez.com and can follow him on twitter @natelopeztrio.

Click the video below to hear Nate’s cool jazzy sound in this original live performance of his song “Blackstro” dedicated to Positively Petaluma



ABC Channel 7 News (June 10, 2014)Happy Ending For Musician Who Donated Kidney to Ex-Girlfriend.

ABC Channel 7 News (June 7, 2014) – Fundraiser Set Up For Musician Who Gave Up Tour, Kidney to Ex-Fiance

ABC News Update (June 4, 2014)Kidney Transplant Complete Between Musician Who Gave Up Tour, Ex-Fiance PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) –Doctors at UCSF successfully carried out an unusual kidney transplant Tuesday between a #Petaluma woman and her former fiance.

News hits the UK in MailOnline The love still stands’: Singer-songwriter cancels music tour to donate kidney to his ex-fiancé”

KTVU Update (June 2, 2014):  Click the the titles to go to the articles and videos Woman’s ex-fiance saves here life, with kidney transplant and  #Petaluma: Kidney match comes from unexpected mismatch.  Also seen this morning in  Huffington Post,  Sabrina Timms Gets New Kidney From Ex-Fiance Daniel Burdick (Video) .  Also see ABC new story Bay Area Musician Abandons Tour To Donate Kidney To Ex-Fiance


ABC News/Yahoo Burdick & Timms

#Petaluma residents: Daniel Burdick musician canceled his big break national tour when he discovered he is the perfect candidate to be a kidney donor for his ex-fiancé Sabrina Timms. The odds of being a match on the over 120,000 donor list are slim. Even the siblings only have a 25% chance of being a donor match.  Click here for the Good Morning America Yahoo News Report.

Click here to see a video of Dan Burdick playing with Timothy O’Neil Band on their birthday in 2012 on our YouTube channel.