#Petaluma Musician/Composer Chooses Chicken Farm Over Big City

William Ryan Fritch Standing Outside His Rustic Farmhouse, Photo By Nathaniel Wood
William Ryan Fritch Standing Outside His Rustic Farmhouse, Photo By Nathaniel Wood

In a recent article by Chris Martins on January 19, 2015 in the Modern Farmer Country Roads: City Musicians Are Going Rural, he writes about musician and artist William Ryan Fritch who composes and creates his music in a century old Petaluma chicken farm.  He and his wife have a master bedroom in a rustic converted water tower.

His talent for creating music is incredible and his collection of music making instruments and toys are impressive. He records his music in a converted tractor garage insulated for heat and soundproofing.

William Ryan FritchAccording to his website, he said that in his more recent recordings (Revisionist) you might even hear farm sounds like roosters from the next farm which is quit alright with him.  He states that he finds those sounds more enjoyable than the ones he creates. While he is not making sound he and his wife garden and grow veggies.


Wolfman Jack meets Louis Armstrong at Lagunitas Tap Room

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there.

Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding is songwriter, singer, guitarist, composer and performance artist according to his wikipedia page. He has an unusual talent to mimic the sound of brass instruments with his mouth and incorporate them into his live musical performance.  Hence his name is a contraction of Lip and Trombone – “Lipbone”.   His southern upbringing gives him a background for one of the oldest forms of music found in a variety of cultures today.

In this performance at the Lagunitas Brewing Company Tap Room, at the beginning and end he gives credence to Positively Petaluma.  Thanks Lipbone!

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