Video: #Petaluma’s Ugliest Dog Gets Makeover on Jimmy Kimmel Show

Peanut, the ugliest dog in the world, makes and appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and gets a Makeover.  Jimmy say’s “He’s like a whole new animal”  and requests Peanut to “Not go hollywood on us”

The comments on this YouTube video range from “Whats the name of the clothes he is wearing?” to “Why are you calling him ugly”


#Petaluma Batman Featured in Movie Legends of the Night

This movie documentary is now sweeping across the country and getting notice in national newspapers and by film critics. It is a movie about people who were inspired by Batman and became real life heros.  According to their site LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT weaves together the uplifting true stories of individuals who have overcome devastating obstacles, unselfishly given to the community, and embraced their inner superhero because of their love of Batman. 

Here are some reviews of this documentary film.

Photo By: Petaluma Batman
Photo By: Petaluma Batman

“Not your typical superhero flick… I didn’t expect to get teary-eyed.”
– USA Today

“This is one of the most uplifting films you’re likely to see this year.  Highly recommended.”
– Nerdvana

“The most important superhero movie you should see this year”
– Movie Pilot



Screenings for this documentary on Batman just started showing up on the east coast and will soon spread across the county.  Positively Petaluma has submitted a request to the movie maker to schedule a special screening at Petaluma Cinemas.  Proceeds of the screening would go to charity. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Petaluma Batman can be seen a segment in this trailer.

The Gravel Spreaders at #Petaluma’s Lagunitas – Hee Haw Metal???

The Gravel Spreaders, a Bay Area band, made an appearance at the Lagunitas Tap Room (and that’s stating it mildy). The genre of their music, Hee Haw Metal!  What?  It was so different it draws you in and the crowd was getting into it. You had to pay attention because you had no idea what they were going to play next.

Gravel Spreaders with Editor of Petaluma Magazine: Photo By Naomi Carlson
Gravel Spreaders with Editor of Petaluma Magazine: Photo By Naomi Carlson

The band is made of four members Bud Hole on bandit bass and lead vocals, Buzzy Do-Well on banjo, Dr. Buck Knife playing lead on mandolin and jaw harp, and Uncle Mungar on acoustic and slide guitars. Barefoot, overalls, cowboy and trucker hats you’re thinking country, but then they’re jammin’ tunes like Ozzie Osborne, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, ACDC. Most shocking to us was a punk song from the Ramones. They fill their songs with comedic innuendos of clever lyrics, blowing raspberries or letting out chicken calls.

Lagunitas Tap room has excellent bands on a regular basis, but we have to say that this band had an entertainment factor not seen before and not to soon forgotten.  We hope that  they make a return appearance in the future.

Here is a video of one of their performance of Ozzie Osborns Crazy Train.

For more information about this band, click here to go to their website.

DJI Phantom 2 Drone Video Over Hills of Petaluma by Animal Robo

This cool video was filmed in #Petaluma using a DJI Phantom 2 drone rc.  I did some searching and found some drones for sale on Amazon starting at $1,300.  So this artist is using more than just your typical Parrot drone that you see being used around town.  As you can see by the photo of this machine it has a drone camera built into it and was made for capturing cool videos like the one you are about to see.

I like how this artist added music, motorcycles, hiking together in this production that shows off our hills in Petaluma. Obviously this production took a lot of time and energy.  I hope he returns to do more.

Song: Lights and Motion – Aerials

Filmed on two DJI Phantom 2’s with H3-2D Gimbals supporting GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition’s.

Handheld clips shot using Feiyutech G3 Steadygimbal.

Animal Robo – Over the Petaluma Hills from Animal Robo on Vimeo.


Wolfman Jack meets Louis Armstrong at Lagunitas Tap Room

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there.

Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding is songwriter, singer, guitarist, composer and performance artist according to his wikipedia page. He has an unusual talent to mimic the sound of brass instruments with his mouth and incorporate them into his live musical performance.  Hence his name is a contraction of Lip and Trombone – “Lipbone”.   His southern upbringing gives him a background for one of the oldest forms of music found in a variety of cultures today.

In this performance at the Lagunitas Brewing Company Tap Room, at the beginning and end he gives credence to Positively Petaluma.  Thanks Lipbone!

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Sneak Preview Video: Petaluma Arts Center FonFoto Exhibit

Click this link for short Video Sneak Preview: Petaluma Arts Center FonFoto Exhibit

On May 10 the Petaluma Arts Center help the artist opening reception for the FonFoto Mobile Phone Photography Exhibit that will be displayed through July 6, 2014. For more information on this exhibit the Petaluma Arts Center website.

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Short Videos: Petaluma Butter & Egg Days Parade

Missed or want to share an entry

of the #Petaluma Butter & Egg Days parade?


We compiled a playlist of short videos on our YouTube channel of the Butter & Eggs Day parade entries. Each video is on average about 20 seconds long. You can watch the entire stream or you can pick and choose which ones to watch.

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