VIDEO: Mount St. Neal takes Petaluma Ice Cream Maker out of Survivor

Neal Gottlieb Three Twins Ice Cream Pants On SurvivorThe young ice cream entrepreneur’s, Neal Gottlieb, tenure on the popular reality show Survivor comes to an end.  Tragically he had to ‘medical out’ of the game because of a precarious infection that developed on his knee (as well as his back).  Neal jokingly called it Mount St. Neal, but the Survivor doctor didn’t find humor in it after looking at his two infections.  The doctor was not as worried about the infection on his back as he was with the one on his knee. He said that because the oozing infection was so close to his knee joint that it could cause him permanent damage if it was not treated.  So his journey ended on Survivor shortly after show host Jeff Probst showed up on the beach and declared Neal out of the game on a medical.

In this video Neal talks about his journey on Survivor and said it was “the greatest opportunity of my life”, and a dream that will be unfinished for him (hoping to be invited back to do it again). It was really cool to see our Petaluma company owner on Survivor.  We wish for his full recovery and that we see him on Survivor again in the future.

Here is another one from CBS;

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