Must See! VIDEO: P-Town is Boom Town – Is This Positive To You?

Look what development is going on in Petaluma

Comment below if you think this is Positive news or not

The YouTube video narrated by Herzogg says:

Thousands of new residential units going in. April 2016.
Hundreds of thousands of square feet of new commercial and industrial space.
Some are breaking ground now or soon. Some projects are still in the planning stages with the City.

Teddy Herzog is an author and speaker about the adult journey of emotional and spiritual awakening. He guides workshops for deep emotional release work, relationships and masculinity for men.

His daughter is off at college. Teddy lives with his girlfriend and cat in an historic downtown Petaluma fixer upper, forty minutes north of San Francisco. He loves to travel and climb on the big rocks of the Sierra mountains.

Teddy has had a career renovating old houses. He has also written extensively on the need for pedestrian oriented downtown living spaces and is an advocate for modern land use planning.

15 thoughts on “Must See! VIDEO: P-Town is Boom Town – Is This Positive To You?”

  1. Re. Boomtown. No. I do not think this is good news. There are plenty of empty office and storefront spaces. Plus this is right at the south entrance of Petuma which already looks awful with a run down sort of unused gas station and a used car lot. We can do better. Please.

  2. Where’s all the water going to come from for all these new places. I’m already only taking one shower a week & saving the bucket of water to flush the toilet because we had to knock off 23% down on our water where I live. How much percentage will the people that move in have to know off?

  3. Wow! My quaint little town isn’t going to be so quaint anymore.

    Thank you to Teddy Herzog and Carol for putting this together as it really helps me to understand better where so much of this is happening. I knew about some of it, but not all of it.

  4. I moved here in 1985. The bad part is how insanely crowded it is now with people & cars. I sure wish they had built the Rainier Crossing so many years ago. The good part is I now walk everywhere & my property value only goes up!

  5. Born and raised in Petaluma. I have see n so much of it’s charm disappear with the growth of housing and land developments. It makes me sad. I wish the gift of foresight for city planners who are aware of the problems increased population has already brought our beautiful little (not so little) town. Gangs, Drugs, robberies, downtown fights, homicides we had so very little crime of this type. The Press Democrat and the Argus Courier rarely had negative impact stories to tell about our town . Now, everyday, open up the paper or my online news and Petaluma has almost as many crime stories as Santa Rosa…….change is inevitable I know, but with it comes the means to an end of what makes our town so special. The country feel, the charming decades old homes and their equally charming owners, neighborhoods of kids playing carefree in the street, walking home at midnite without having to be afraid of being robbed or beaten or worse. waving to almost every person who passes you on the street and so much more. I dearly love Petaluma and wish the gift of foresight for those who might not know what a gem our town is and always was. The thought of more of our open spaces being torn apart to make way for more houses and buildings and people who might not appreciate all of what we have , makes me sad….Really.

    1. I can’t agree more. It deeply sadens me to see all of Petaluma’s charm dwindle away through all of this unnecessary construction. We need to try and find a way to stop this over expansion!

    2. Darla – I’m with you! Born and raised and my family still lives in Petaluma…I’ve been gone for 12 years but, sadly, I’ll probably never be able to afford to come home. How can the infrastructure even support all this building? More importantly, water! I cried when I watched this…so so sad 🙁
      Not a boom town and NOT positive. Just an effort by a lot of non natives to make some money.

  6. I am impressed with the amount of information you were able to gather and share with the public. While I applaud the development that can be characterized as “in-fill” (especially the housing that will be built near the SMART train station) I am appalled at the amount of open space that is being swallowed up. I moved from an area where this happened on a grand scale (the south bay) and it has a negative impact on the people and the wildlife.

  7. With all the building is anyone thinking about PARKING around the train station or trans center. Just asking.

  8. And what about the new schools all this new housing is going to need. or are the expecting the current schools to Handel all the new children

  9. I grew up in Petaluma, then moved away in 90. It is sad to see such a beautiful place being built up so much. I think of the horrible road conditions on 37 off of Lakeville. How is that going to get better with all the new people? We go to San Francisco for Dr’s visits and it’s a nightmare coming home through that.

  10. I don’t like all of the new housing and developments. There is already so much traffic downtown and it is just going to get worse. Where is everyone going to park, i didn’t hear anything about new parking lots? Also petaluma is losing it’s small town charm, and the big companies are going to take away from the local business.

  11. Moved here in ’88. Beautiful friendly little town we thought our kids could grow up and raise their families in. Although I still love it, our kids have to move away to be able to buy an affordable home and the traffic is becoming unbearable. This video talks only about more people via homes, apartments or hotels and as usual in Petaluma…those making decisions don’t address the traffic problems. See only a BIGGER nightmare 🙁 Not against change…but look at the impact of the big picture.

  12. Where is the water for all this new development going to come from? We’ve already been asked to cut back on our landscaping, lawns and irrigation …and to modify our water use indoors as well. Much of the justification for all this water savings was for environmental reasons. Now that we’ve cut back and the City of Petaluma has raised our rates, in a few years all this development will have us using just as much water if not more than we did before all these conservation efforts.

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