#Petaluma Composer ‘Scores’ Big Win at Toronto Film Festival

Jasha Klebe Petaluma Composer Music ScoreWayne: How does your work today compare to your past works leading up to Winter on Fire?

Jasha: This is my first solo project. Following doing additional music for Hans, I have been working for Bleeding Fingers writing various music for TV shows on ABC, CBS, National Geographic, History Channel, MTV, VH1, etc.

Wayne: Since winning the People’s Choice Documentary Award in Toronto, have you been approached or working on any projects for the future?
Jasha: I have several exciting projects coming up, including a few with Evgeny later next year both in the documentary and feature film department.

Marvin Klebe, Photo Metroactive Music Website
Marvin Klebe, Photo Metroactive Music Website

Wayne: What instruments do you play and which one is most influential for you when creating and composing music?
Jasha: I studied piano for 15 years so that has always been my starting point while composing. I’ll often just sit at a piano for hours coming up with the right tune before touching any other instruments. In addition, I have a passion for string writing which I think can be evident in the Winter on Fire score.

Wayne: How is your family involved in the Cinnabar Theater and what impact did it have on what you are doing today?
Jasha: My grandparents, Marvin and Jan Klebe, own Cinnabar Theater. At a young age, before the passing of my grandpa, he introduced me to opera and it was from there that I began to study piano and would later discover composition. As a kid, going to visit grandma meant running around on a stage, playing piano, and putting on shows with my cousins – I absolutely loved it and feel so grateful I was brought up in such an atmosphere.


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  1. So proud of Jasha and his accomplishments at such a young age. Can’t wait to hear what comes up in the future. Great things come out of kids in the performing arts, especially at Cinnabar Theater.

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