#Petaluma Composer ‘Scores’ Big Win at Toronto Film Festival

Jasha Klebe Petaluma Composer Working On ScoreMusic composer, Petaluman Jasha Klebe, is now a success story from our very own Cinnabar Theater. He wrote the music score for a film recently awarded the Peoples Choice Documentary Award in the Toronto Film Fest for ‘Winter on Fire.‘  We tracked him down only to find he was en route to the Ukraine to premiere their film for the embassy there.  He is currently working for the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary, Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom. Jasha’s musical upbringing was influenced early in life by his grandfather, Marvin Klebe, founder of Cinnabar Theater and a baritone opera singer who once sang with the San Francisco Opera Company. Following years of classical piano training and trombone in symphonic band, Jasha began his film composing career at Remote Control Productions, where he earned the Winter On Fireopportunity as an additional writer along side Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer, writing on such notable projects as The Dark Knight Rises, Rush, and Captain Phillips. For four years he gained experience working with top artists in the industry, including working with the Grammy Award winning composer Lorne Balfe on several TV shows and video games (The Bible TV series, Assassin’s Creed). Jasha is currently one of the leading composers at Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop (a Hans Zimmer and Extreme Music creative partnership) located in Santa Monica, California and works in one of their state-of-the art studios.


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  1. So proud of Jasha and his accomplishments at such a young age. Can’t wait to hear what comes up in the future. Great things come out of kids in the performing arts, especially at Cinnabar Theater.

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