Interview with #Petaluma’s Rising Star! Singer/Songwriter Em Rossi

Em Rossi-10
Photo By Ashley Collingwood

Ashley: Do you have any upcoming gigs locally or anywhere else?

Em:  At the end of July I will be traveling to Virginia for a private show out on an estate, it’s called the Sessions at Willow Grove and it’s actually featured on XFINITY Comcast On Demand and the group The Tenors are actually going to be opening and I’ll be singing beside them. So I’m going to do an acoustic set there and then when I get back, you know, I’ll probably be doing a local tour—getting around here, getting around to the locals and just sharing what I’ve done this past year.

Ashley: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Em:  Locally I’ve had a lot of support, my vocal teacher from a young age, Simone Lyne Comtois, she’s been absolutely incredible, she’s what got me to the point of where I am and I still keep in touch with her all the time, you know she’ll tweet me every once in a while, give me some advice. And then on the music creatively, I was able to work with George Merrill for a few months. He always has been a great mentor, he wrote for Whitney Houston, so he’s definitely a music business advice guru kinda guy, he’s awesome. And then also I performed when … I was 14 at the time I think, it was before I even got in the music business, and I sang with a friend’s local group The Hots—I sang here at Aqus and then I sang over at Brixx. And actually a week after I sang with them was when I got the opportunity to start in the music business. So you know, a lot of local support and everyone around here’s super talented and there’s just so much variety of people here, it’s awesome.

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