Interview with #Petaluma’s Rising Star! Singer/Songwriter Em Rossi

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Photo By Ashley Collingwood

Ashley:  Who would you say are your major supporters?

Em: My family’s definitely been close to me, we’ve always had each other’s backs. My friends have always been very supportive of it. I would say that even the people in the business that I work with, they all believe in me so it just encourages me to keep going and to believe in myself and be confident when I step up on that stage and I sing in front of everyone and when I write about songs that are very personal to me. Evan Stein is my artist consultant; his company [Experience Music Group] tries to license my music to commercials. He is a big supporter and help for us since my dad passed away. I have him to bounce things off of. Everyone around me has supported me and I’m super thankful for that.

Ashley: Since you’re still in school, how has it been balancing school and music?

Em: Yeah, balancing school and music has been a little bit difficult; I’ve done fine, I got through the major junior year in high school … We’d be driving to L.A. at seven in the morning and I’d be writing essays or doing trig or chem work in the car and I’d get a little tired of it but, you know, I found a good balance. It’s just all in time, you get used to it and then if it’s what you love to do you’ll do the work on the side that needs to be done to give yourself time to do what you love.


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