World Food Champs Chow Down in #Petaluma

World Food Champions Dining at Figones Backyard Bash Positively PetalumaAn Evening With Stars of World Food Champions Photo By Ashley CollingwoodThe reality show and cookbook are only two of the many things Figone has planned for this year. Making a career as a cook takes a lot of time and passion, as McCloud mentioned during his toast at Figone’s dinner. When talking about the World Food Championships he said, “I’d never seen a more passionate group of individuals from all walks of life, and that’s the thing about food that blows me away … I have learned that you all are superhuman people. You practice as much, you try as hard, you invest as much time as Michael Jordan did, as any of the greats in any of the sports categories. So nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that my little impact on what you do has given you a platform, it’s given you your own Superbowl.”

For more information on Figone see our previous posts about Laurie: Local Girl Makes Good Food, Figone Gets Her Shot on the Big Screen, and Lauire Figone Appears on Good Day Sacramento.

Here is a short video highlighting the evening:

Thanks also for Nate Campbell of KZST mentioning out post on air.


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