Petaluma Eats! at Secret Kitchen

Spring Rolls

On principle alone I should dislike spring rolls (they have no meat!?!?!?) but these make me at least thinking twice about my aversion to veggies.  They are fresh and flavorful and make for a nice warm-up before diving into something heavier, like the snausages sando.

American Hog in a Blanket

Secret Kitchen14Another hit is the American Hog in a Blanket.  Chef Brenda starts with a Bratwurst from Caggiano Sausages, which is located within a stone’s throw of the restaurant.  Also on Full Circle roll, this Caggiano Brat is topped with a house-made Lagunitas IPA Grainy Mustard, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and Onions 3 Ways.  The package, although extremely messy, is always at the top of my mind when I pull into Secret Kitchen’s parking lot.

Secret Kitchen10Tacos

The tacos have distinctive, complex, and delicious flavors.  The choices are Korean BBQ Chicken or Slow Roasted Citrus Pork.  My suggestion?  Don’t bother making the choice – order both.


Secret Kitchen115


If you are lucky enough to catch the Pupusas on the menu, get these too.  Pupusas are Salvadoran stuffed masa flatbreads – kind of like a grilled cheese sando from south of the boarder, only better because the bread is replaced with a thick pancake sort of flatbread.  We love them and get them whenever we can and are thrilled to have such great ones so close to home.

The Black Bean Tamale, Curry Rice Bowl, Chili Con Carne, Pickles, Peppahead, and Petaluma Coffee and Tea Company were all good too.  The various cold and hot brewed teas, such as Mango Black Ice Tea, Lemonade and Cinnamon Tea, and Cinnamon Infused Tea all complement the various dishes on the menu.  The pickles and sauerkraut come from Sonoma Brinery and are will pucker you up …in a good way.  Even the hot sauces are locally sources coming from Petaluma’s own Peppahead hot sauces.

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