Petaluma Eats! at Secret Kitchen

In no particular order, we tried the:

1) Bahn Mi Sandwich

2) Slow Roasted Citrus Pork Taco

3) Korean BBQ Chicken Taco

4) The American Hog in a Blanket

5) Black Bean Tamale

6) Pupusa

7) Curry Rice Bowl

8) Chili Con Carne

9) Spring Rolls

10) Sweet Spiced Ice Tea

11) Rum Cake

Secret Kitchen6

Secret Kitchen8

Secret Kitchen7





Once we started receiving our food the obligatory picture taking of each subsequent dish was near impossible because everyone wanted to dig in immediately.  The problem took care of itself because after the first few bites I was elbow deep in Chef Brenda’s signature dishes myself – camera and photos be damned.  With no time to wipe my hands I had no way to take or post photos to the internet, as is the norm for a food writer.  From the the Banh Mi and American Hog in a Blanket through the Citrus Pork and Korean BBQ Tacos and finishing out with an unbelievable Rum Cake, it immediately became clear it was going to be hard to keep Chef Brenda’s food a secret.

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