PCA Releases #Petaluma’s 2014 Veteran’s Day Parade Video

Did you miss this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade?  Our previous article #Petaluma’s Veteran’s Day Parade: Schedule, Highlights, History and Video was seen and read by many. It was also shared hundreds of times on social media.  We had several requests to share any video we get of this year’s event including a request from Barbara Fanucchi who commented on that article.  A lot of people, for any number of reasons, cannot make one of the best Veteran’s Day parades in Northern California but would like to see it.  It’s for this reason we share this video.

Yesterday Petaluma Community Access posted a whole length video of the entire parade.  So now you don’t have to miss it and you can enjoy watching the parade from the comfort of your home.

Do you know someone who missed this years’ parade or someone who was in the parade that didn’t get video of this event?  

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